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Season preview: San Jose Sharks


Season preview: San Jose Sharks

To get you ready for the 2015-16 season, we will be previewing all 30 NHL in 30 days, division by division. Check the bottom of the page for a schedule of each preview.

Today’s team: San Jose Sharks

2014-15 record: 40-33-9, 5th in the Pacific

How they finished: Did not make the playoffs

Coach: Peter DeBoer (1st season)

Notable additions: G Martin Jones, D Paul Martin, RW Joel Ward

Notable subtractions: G Antti Niemi, D Scott Hannan, D Matt Irwin

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Schedule against the Capitals: Tues. Oct. 13 at Washington, Sat. March 12 at San Jose

Outlook: When you look at the Sharks on paper, they appear to have all the pieces on offense. Joe Thornton, Joe Pavelski, Patrick Marleau, Logan Couture and Tomas Hertl is a pretty impressive roster, but this offense only managed 2.73 goals per game last season, 15th in the NHL. That corps isn't getting any younger.

Thornton is 36, Pavelski is 31 and Marleau is 35. Couture and Hertl will have to take bigger roles this season. While the Sharks did add Joel Ward, he's at his best in the playoffs so the Sharks may not even see the best that he has to offer.

Paul Martin is a clear upgrade for the defense, but the question for the Sharks is not the defense, but the goaltending.

Heading into this season, the Sharks will rely on Martin Jones as their starter, a 25-year-old goalie with 34 NHL games in his NHL career. The Sharks were willing to give up a first-round draft pick and a prospect for him, but he is completely unproven at the NHL. He may prove to be great, but this is a situation to build on, not one a team with any real chance of a deep playoff run would make.

There's plenty of talent here, but the Sharks are like a long math problem. It looks like you've done all the right work, but you just aren't getting the right answer. The best thing you can do is start over.

Expectations: The Sharks are long in the tooth and look as if they are in need of a rebuild and even their general manager called them a "tomorrow team." The problem is they can't really rebuild with players like Thornton still in tow. Instead, the Sharks are caught in no-man's land, a team with most of their money committed to declining veterans and a few younger pieces they hope to eventually build around.

Will the old and young talent fuse into a playoff contender capable of making one last shot at the Cup? No. More likely the Sharks will be the Toronto of the West this season, a team with plenty of talent, no identity and no playoffs.

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10 changes that would make the NHL better


10 changes that would make the NHL better

Hockey is one of the most incredible, compelling sports in the world. As fun as it is to watch on TV, it is even more compelling in person and fans in North America are treated to the best hockey in the world as played in the NHL.

But the NHL's not perfect.


Just like every sports league, the NHL is always adjusting and making changes to the game in order to improve it through things like rule changes, expansion, playoff formats, etc.

No sport is perfect and hockey is not without its flaws, but there are a number of clear changes that could be made that would improve both the game and the league.


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Brian MacLellan got his day with the Stanley Cup over the weekend

Brian MacLellan got his day with the Stanley Cup over the weekend

Washington Capitals GM Brian MacLellan finally got his day. 

Over the weekend, MacLellan played host to the Stanley Cup, taking it home to his offseason house in Minnesota. 

MacLellan brought the Cup to Powderhorn Park, where a youth hockey tournament was being put on by the Herb Brooks Foundation. 

MacLellean talked with local media about the experience:

"It's a fun day, a fun day to see people react to the Cup," MacLellan told FOX 9 TV. "You know, it brings a lot of smiles to people's faces, people that sometimes don't get a chance to get close to it are getting an opportunity and it's fun to watch them enjoy it."