Stanislav Galiev just can’t catch a break.

After getting caught in a hockey limbo of sorts with the Caps, he opted to sign with the KHL once his NHL contract expired this summer. Now he finds himself in another awful situation in Russia.

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Galiev was no longer waiver exempt for the 2015-16 season and was kept on the Capitals NHL roster after training camp, but he struggled to get into lineup on a talented roster. As he had to clear waivers, however, the team was concerned they would lose him if they exposed him in order to re-assign him to the AHL. Galiev was caught in a limbo of sorts in which he was not playing in the NHL, but could not go down to the AHL. The result was a lost season in which he played in only 29 combined NHL and AHL games. Not ideal.

Galiev was sent to the AHL prior to the 2016-17 season and remained there for the entirety of the season. With his contract expiring, Galiev opted to head back to his native Russia to play in the KHL.

But the move Galiev hoped would resurrect his career has already backfired as he now finds himself in perhaps an even worse situation.

Galieiv signed with the Moscow Dynamo, a team in the midst of a serious financial dispute with its players. In short, the team was in serious debt, its parent company took over control and decided that meant it was free of all its contractual obligations to its players and stopped paying them. As a result, on Tuesday the KHL declared the team’s 42 players to be free agents. But the situation is not so clear cut for Galiev.

It is unclear why there is a distinction with Galiev’s contract or why ownership of the contract did not transfer to the parent company when it took over control. What is clear is that this stinks for a player just looking for a way to get his career back on track.

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