Nearly every hat trick in hockey you see hats scatter the ice. Its an age-old tradition for the home fans to toss their favorite team's head garment far out into the game surface. Rarely, but not unheard of, fans on the road have the audacity to show their pride and toss their $20-$100 hat.

A majority of the time, fans do not (or are unable to) retrive their hat, but if you are a Washington Capitals fan in Minnesota you may be in luck.

Following the Capitals overtime win against the Wild, the Caps owner Ted Leonsis is offering to replace a hat for every Capitals fan that tossed one out onto the ice Tuesday night in Minnesota's Xcel Energy Center. 

The hat tossing of course is courtesy of Ovechkin's hat trick against the Wild. 

Last season, Leonsis offered the same deal for Capitals fans who were also in Minnesota for you guessed it, an Ovechkin hat trick. 

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