The saying goes that there's no such thing as a stupid question. But after a certain exchange following the Capitals' Game 3 win over the Penguins, Barry Trotz probably begs to differ.

In the first period of the matchup, Sidney Crosby was injured on a hit from Matt Niskanen — a check that led to Niskanen being ejected. Yet after Washington's overtime victory, a reporter named Rob Rossi asked Trotz not about Niskanen's involvement on the play, but Alex Ovechkin's.

Before Niskanen and Crosby collided, Ovechkin swooped in behind the Pittsburgh star and, on the way by, his stick made contact with No. 87's head. That sequence is what inspired Rossi's question.

"Barry," Rossi said, "is the play by Alex, that led to Sid sort of staggering into Niskanen where he appeared to get the stick up towards the face, is that a hockey play?"

"Was there a penalty?" Trotz answered. "I don't understand."


"Does it have to be a penalty to be a hockey play? Is it a hockey play also?" Rossi followed up.

"No, I'm not going to defend anything," Trotz said. "Is Kunitz's [predatory] hit on Oshie OK? Or the one on Backstrom, is that OK?"

"I was just asking—," Rossi tried to interject.

"I'm not going to debate on all that stuff," Trotz continued. "So that's a terrible question." 


"So, no, Barry?" Rossi prodded one last time.

"Next," Trotz said dismissively. "You got your answer."

Braden Holtby wasn't the only one with the Capitals blocking shots on Monday night. 

You can watch the whole exchange in the video player above.