If you’ve been watching the Caps long enough, you know that T.J. Oshie is always one of, if not the last player off the ice after warmups before every game. You also may know that he doesn’t just skate off, he gets a running start and launches himself down the tunnel.

On Wednesday night that tradition almost got him into some hot water as he nearly collided with head coach Barry Trotz.

Trotz reacts like he almost got hit by a bus.


After the game, Oshie said he believed Trotz may have milked it just a bit.

“I think he embellished a little bit. I think he might be getting an email from the league.”

Trotz was quick to defend himself and emphatically denied any embellishment.

“I saw the stick coming when he came flying off and it was reaction,” Trotz said. “I'm not as limber as I used to be so when I lean back real quick or jump out of the way, it's sort of a yard sale."

Trotz reacted because he saw Oshie’s stick coming right for his head, but, in Trotz’s defense, he’s taken shots to the head before and was able to brush it off.

In a game in Toronto in November, Trotz took a puck right to the head in the opening seconds of the game. He continued coaching after only some minor maintenance, a fact that Trotz reminded reporters of on Wednesday.


Said, Trotz, “If it hit my head, you’ve seen I can take those kind of shots.”

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