In the late first period against the Minnesota Wild on Tuesday, Capitals winger Tom Wilson accidentally clipped Zach Parise in the face with his stick.

The collision resulted in Parise colliding with Jay Beagle, which left the Wild star in a heap of pain on the ice.

Wilson went to the penalty gox for high-sticking, but the incident was not lost on Parise's teammate Chris Stewart.

When Wilson got back on the ice following his penalty, Stewart went right after Wilson, and the two wasted little time throwing hands.

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It's hard to say who won the exchange based on the breif altercation, but when Wilson got back to his feet, he was a bloody mess, and that is putting it lightly. If you're looking to score the fight, it's tough to tell. Stewart landed a clean blow first, and if you take a look at the replay, it's that first blow that seems to open up a gash above Wilson's eye. 

Wilson throws a strong counter-punch that connects, and when Stewart goes to throw another punch, he slips and falls to the ground, which is when Wilson cracks him on the way down. Stewart landed several punches once the fight hit the ice, which is technically when the fight ends, so at a minimum, the fight is scored a draw, although the post-fight optics weigh heavily in Stewart's favor. 


Wilson entered Tuesday night in third play in penalty minutes with 114 this season. Stewart entered the Tuesday night contest ranked 18th in penalty minutes with 89.

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