Capitals head coach Barry Trotz says he isn’t worried about entering the final year of his contract.  

“No,” he said Friday, asked if it changes his approach at all. It has “0.0 effect on me, actually. Not at all. I think it might have [had] an effect 10, 12 years ago for me. Not now. It has zero effect. I’m not worrying about that at all.”

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In three seasons in Washington, Trotz has amassed a 156-63-27 record and won back-to-back Presidents' Trophies. But he also hasn’t managed to guide Alex Ovechkin and Co. beyond the second round of the playoffs.

Entering the final year of a contract is common for players. For coaches, it can be perceived this way: the decision-makers want to see progress before committing to the direction he wants to take the team.

At the draft last week, Brian MacLellan said there have not been any discussions about an extension for Trotz, though the general manager didn’t close the door on those talks starting later this summer.

“Maybe, it could,” MacLellan said. “We’ll see.”

Coaching in the final year of his deal is nothing new for Trotz, who turns 55 in a couple of weeks. He acknowledged that he was in a similar situation more than once during his 15-year tenure in Nashville.  

“Yeah,” he said. “I was there a long time.”


Asked if he expects talks on an extension to begin in the coming months, Trotz said he doesn’t plan to sweat it either way.

“When people want to talk, we’ll talk,” he said.

Last season, Trotz vaulted to sixth on the all-time wins list and currently has 713. By the end of next season, he could be fifth.

“I think I have a resume and I’ve been around the league long enough and proven myself that I don’t feel like it’s that big of a deal for me.”

He added: “I’m in a good spot. Maybe we’ll have our best year.”

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