Wayne Gretzky is in town with the Oilers as they faced the Capitals, and he joined CSN's Alan May before the game. Topics included Sidney Crosby, the NHL's rising stars and, of course, Alex Ovehckin.

"Well, listen, it’s no secret to anyone that I love the way he plays and I’m a big fan of his and I'm a good friend of his." Gretzky continued, "What I love most about Alex [Ovechkin] is that he wants to win a Stanley Cup. There’s a lot of guys that say they do, but that really deep down maybe they don’t. He’s one guy that would do and pretty much give up anything and everything to get his name on a Stanley Cup."

Gretzky also mentioned Ovechkin's leadership and the way he plays the game are both something to appreciate. 

"Those are the kind of guys, kind of leaders that you want in your organization. The thing I appreciate most about his game is that he plays hard each and every night." He also paid Ovechkin a compliment, "The greatest compliment we can get as a professional athlete is when people comes up to you and say 'I saw you play and you worked really hard.' That’s what Alex does every game."

In the past, rightly or wrongly, fans and pundits have gone after Ovechkin for the way he plays in the playoffs. It seems like Gretzky would disagree strongly.

"We all have bad games, we all have off nights. He thrives under pressure. He knows he is the focus of this hockey club and they are having another spectacular year."


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