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Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury admits his iconic draft photo was staged

Washington Football

Of all the moments that arose from the one-of-a-kind 2020 NFL Draft, the view inside Kliff Kingsbury’s house was easily the most memorable.

The Arizona Cardinals' head coach was pictured on draft night in an iconic photo at his insanely beautiful house, which quickly went viral. However, in a pre-camp interview on Wednesday, Kingsbury admitted that the photo was indeed staged.

"Going into it I knew I was going to be super extra in the picture," Kingsbury said. "I do think the fire –– it was 100 degrees and sunny –– was a bit much, but I laid four phones on the table because the NFL gave us a couple...all the screens, I just wanted to make it as extra as possible and it turned out good. It made for fun."

The photo featured Kingsbury lounging on his couch during the draft with four cell phones, a laptop and two computer screens on the table in front of him, which he later claimed he had “just in case” something went technologically wrong. The viral picture also showed a view of the coach’s backyard with a huge outdoor kitchen, firepit in the middle and stunning view of the mountains in the background.

While the photo was staged, his house is completely real. Kingsbury purchased the 7,000 square-foot house in Paradise Valley, Ariz. for $4.45 million in 2019 after joining the Cardinals. 

If he ever has to take part in a virtual draft again, Kingsbury has ideas for the next go-around. 

"The NFL only allowed us to have one person at the house or I might've had some people on the float swans in the back, or a DJ, really doing it big. There's always next year, hopefully."



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