Washington Football

Washington Football

Kendall Fuller isn't the most seasoned vet in the NFL, but with four years of experience in the league, he's been around plenty of young guys by now. And thanks to the Super Bowl-winning roster he was a part of with the Chiefs, Fuller's also competed alongside some of the sport's most talented athletes.

So when he implies that he's already sensing something special in Chase Young — even though the two haven't interacted much up to this point on the Washington Football Team — it's notable.

"He just kind of has that... just that vibe when you walk by him," Fuller said on a Wednesday Zoom call with reporters, pausing to make sure he landed on the right descriptor. "He doesn't seem like a rookie. He seems like a professional. He's hungry. He wants to work."

Fuller explained that, on his walk to do his presser with the media, he noticed Young "getting in a couple of sprints" for some extra work. That kind of "professional" approach should serve him well as he looks to make his mark in the pros.

"Being the No. 2 pick, seems like he's not even thinking about that," Fuller said. "He's just thinking about being the best player he can be on Sundays."



Because Washington hasn't had the chance to really initiate any normal football practices yet, Young hasn't gotten to fully unleash his physical skills in front of his teammates and coaches. He's still finding a way to shine, though, as Fuller indicated.

Defensive line coach Sam Mills III had a take similar to the cornerback's.

"The young man is determined," Mills III said Monday. "You can tell he's been studying. ... I'm excited about his future and I'm excited about how fast he's picking everything up."

Thanks to the name issue, the pandemic and all the other distractions from this offseason, the attention on the possible franchise-changer has somewhat died down. But if he's already standing out this much before he's even chased after an opposing quarterback, just wait until he begins showcasing that particular and rare ability.

That is when all the attention on Young will rightly return, and then it should only continue to grow from there.

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