Washington Football

Check out how SWEET the new, numbered Washington Football Team helmets look

Washington Football

If you're unhappy or, at the very least, not feeling the Washington Football Team's temporary name, that's fine. Completely understandable, in fact.

After all, no one else in the major sports leagues goes by something that bland. LeBron James, for example, plays for the Lakers, not the Los Angeles Basketball Team. Juan Soto stars (and dances) for the Washington Nationals, not the Washington Baseball Club.  

Therefore, any Burgundy and Gold supporter who's desperate for 2020 to end so they can refer to their organization by a true name, instead of a stopgap one, can be forgiven.

However, those same people need to realize that they've recently been given a gift from the swag Gods, one that should help them cope with the upcoming season. And thanks to a video and some pictures from the WFT that were released on Wednesday, it can now be fully appreciated.

So, what's the gift? The squad's new, numbered helmets.

They were somewhat visible in the mock-up uniforms that were released a few weeks ago, but in the below posts, they're full-on visible and SO BEAUTIFUL:




Gone is Washington's old logo, as well as the stripe that ran down the middle. Each player's individual number will take their place, standing out on both sides in simple yet pleasing gold font.

That's all the analysis that needs to happen here, though. They're simply gorgeous. They're perfect. They're beyond perfect. They're wonderful. They're *sighs, shakes head slightly and just smiles*.

In fact, stop reading these sentences that are just repeating the same thing over and over and go back to staring at the helmets. That's a much more efficient use of your time. 

.................Man. They're perfect.

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