Washington Football

Washington Football

The Washington football team needs a new name, and for many fans - particularly those on social media - Redwolves has the most momentum.

Redwolves? Yep, Redwolves. 

Plenty of people claim to have started the concept but nobody supported the name as early or as vocally as former Washington cornerback Fred Smoot. Watch the video above, but maybe turn the sound down. Other prominent voices like the Redskins Today Instagram page have been loudly clamoring for Redwolves to be the new team name. 

It's a cool idea. 

Literally, red wolves are an endangered species that is native to the Appalachian Mountains up and down the east coast. Figuratively, fans could howl like wolves at home and away games and the famous team fight song could probably be saved with just a few tweaks. 

Even NBC Sports Washington (a corporate partner with Washington and my employer) is running Redwolves content on social media. 

Clearly, in the land of pixels and infinite space, Redwolves is winning. The name has real momentum there. 

What about the land of finite space and three dimensions? What's leading there?


It's hard to know, but it does seem like Redwolves has an age gap. Allow The Team 980's Kevin Sheehan to explain: "Redwolves is for a youth basketball team. Grow up."


Sheehan's remarks caused a stir on Twitter, but plenty of older fans feel the nickname is too cartoonish.

Other questions remain too.

Arkansas State University holds a trademark on the Red Wolves. While they can share their trademark, they don't have to, but maybe they would with some compensation. 

Also, does a Washington team that dealt with so much controversy from their old name really need a new name that uses the word red? Is it time for a clean break from all things red?

Take a poll a month ago and Redwolves barely shows up. Take one today, and Redwolves could win it outright. 

Does significant support from Twitter and Instagram move the needle in Ashburn? What about at the NFL offices on Park Avenue?

It's hard to know. Redwolves is very real on social media, but is social media real? 

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