Washington Football

Dwayne Haskins is trying to emulate Tom Brady and Drew Brees in one key area

Washington Football

Buccaneers passer Tom Brady and Saints signal-caller Drew Brees are two of the best to ever play the quarterback position in NFL history.

So, for Washington QB Dwayne Haskins -- someone still trying to find his footing in the NFL -- it would make sense if he tried to emulate things both Brady and Brees do on the field.

But besides throwing the football, there's another part of both Brady and Brees' game that they do so well: the two quarterbacks are some of the best leaders the sport has ever seen.

In a media session with local reporters on Tuesday, Haskins explained that his leadership is one area he's really trying to improve. And to do so, he's following both Brady and Brees' lead.

"I’ve been just trying to master that same edge that Tom Brady or Drew Brees has when he steps into a building you know he’s there," Haskins said.


This isn't the first time Haskins has mentioned trying to take something from Brady's game.

The 23-year-old had the chance to meet Brady last year following Washington's Week 5 matchup with New England, and the moment meant so much to him he had someone paint a mural of the two of them on his basement wall.


"I watched Tom a bunch of times going into my last year of college, studied him, how he operated as far as what he did his training, his regiment, how he talked to his receivers," Haskins told NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay in May. "You have to respect him. That's why I put him on the wall like that."

Throughout Haskins' entire media session on Tuesday, he repeatedly spoke about how he wants to be the leader of this team. He specifically said that he hopes to get voted as one of the team captains, too, an honor that only a maximum of six players can have on each team every year.

Throughout the offseason, head coach Ron Rivera has challenged Haskins to take command of the QB1 job, both on the field and off of it. Thus far, the second-year passer has answered the call, and Rivera has noticed.

"Our offense needs a guy that's going to take ownership and lead, so why not be me?" Haskins said.

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