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Ex-player: Bruce Allen used to present PowerPoints to defend Washington's old name

Washington Football

You know what got old pretty quick? Bruce Allen being in charge of Washington's football team.

You know what won't EVER get old, though? Stories about Bruce Allen being in charge of Washington's football team, especially now that he is no longer in charge of Washington's football team.

And on Tuesday, another doozy came out.

During an interview on 106.7 The Fan's Grant and Danny show, Logan Paulsen explained how the organization's longtime former executive would stand up in front of players on a yearly basis to defend the now (basically) retired name.

You know, just the kind of typical stuff that also happens within the 31 other NFL franchises around the league.

"You'd get Bruce Allen coming in and he'd give you a presentation about how the Native American tribes, 95-percent of them support the name," the ex-tight end told the hosts. "You always felt like he was trying to sell you something there."

According to Paulsen, it actually became somewhat of a tradition, too.

"My second year to my fifth year, we had a meeting," he said. "You'd always know it was the 'name meeting' because Bruce was in there and Bruce was always really good about not being in Mike [Shanahan's] meetings and not being in Jay [Gruden's] meetings too much. And occassionally Dan [Snyder] would be in there. He'd sit in the front row.

"Then Bruce would get in there and have a quick PowerPoint presentation, going over a couple of slides about some data they'd accrued and the team's policy and message about the name. And you always kind of left the meeting going, 'OK, I guess I can support that, if that data is true.'"



Going off of Paulsen's account, the Allen-led get-togethers didn't seem to last too long, but even so, it's not difficult to imagine about 46 different ways in which the team's time could've been spent better.

Like, maybe instead of sitting in that room following along with his PowerPoints, they could've gotten a headstart on their commutes home, or organized their lockers, or filled up their water bottles, or cleaned their water bottles, or stared at their water battles, or — how's this? — focused on real football-related activities!

Some are still critical of the hopefully-soon-to-be-official change to Warriors/Red Wolves/Red Tails/something else, even though it's essentially a done deal. But after reading this last quote from Paulsen, maybe those people will finally abandon that stance, because quotes like these aren't normal or indicative of a winning operation

"That's something I remember very vividly about my time here in Washington, was the necessity to convince the players that the name was appropriate," he said.


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