Washington Football

Hey, look, it's another list that doesn't feature any Washington Football Team players

Washington Football

Lists largely exist to piss folks off.

Yeah, sure, they also help when you're at the grocery store and need to remember to grab a mediocre frozen pizza that you'll end up not liking because most frozen pizzas are a bigger bust than Josh Doctson, but on the Internet nowadays, lists lead to people being left off lists, which leads to hurt feelings.

The Washington Football Team can relate to those hurt feelings, too.

Not a single player from the franchise was featured on the NFL's Top 100 that wrapped up a few weeks ago. Is that understandable? Of course. Does that make it any less painful for fans? Of course not.

Well, thanks to CBSSports.com, Washington now has a second set of rankings to feel completely ignored by. While this one is a bit goofier than the NFL Top 100, it still shows just how far Ron Rivera's group has to go in the national lens. 

On Monday, Cody Benjamin identified who he believes is the best current player to sport every number from 1 to 99 (Kyler Murray is Benjamin's pick for No. 1, for example, while Aaron Donald obviously takes home No. 99). It's a creative and fun idea — and as it turns out, it's yet another way to jab at the WFT.



Terry McLaurin didn't land No. 17; it went to Davante Adams. Adrian Peterson lost out on No. 26 to Saquon Barkley. Joel Bitonio swiped No. 75 over Brandon Scherff. And no one out of Jonathan Allen (93), Daron Payne (94) or Matt Ioannidis (98) received any recognition.

Again, the point here isn't necessarily to get angry at the NFL Network or CBS Sports, because 1) If you get THAT angry over someone else's opinion on football, you need to chill out then chill out some more, and 2) The organization is coming off of a 3-13 season and aren't exactly flush with standout contributors.

Instead, the point is that Rivera and his team, while building some positive local momentum, have a ton of work to do to re-establish themselves in the league overall. The lack of love on these lists is certainly annoying to those who care about the Burgundy and Gold, but the underlying takeaway is what truly needs to be addressed.