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How fishing — yep, fishing — may be helping Terry McLaurin improve as a wideout

Washington Football

This interview between Terry McLaurin and Sports Illustrated's Conor Orr contains solid info on why he views himself as a No. 1 receiver in the NFL and how he's seen Dwayne Haskins' attitude change over the past few months. That stuff is all certainly worth noting.

The more interesting angle, however, is that McLaurin — who is not only someone who gets seasick from time to time but is also a guy who's ALLERGIC TO SEAFOOD — has really taken up fishing this offseason. And he actually believes the new hobby can help him produce on Sundays.

Yes, that all sounds crazy. But if you allow him to explain it, it soon becomes difficult not to buy in at least a little bit.

“You can be out there all day and not get a bite,” McLaurin told Orr. “And in my line of work, you can be working for your opportunity and it may never come or it may not be the opportunity you thought. It doesn’t mean you quit working hard, whether that’s catching a fish or catching a touchdown.”


That's the primary lesson he's picked up while out on the water lately, and it's something that will help his focus and patience moving forward in Washington's offense. 


By the way, for those concerned fans of the team who are about to ask, no, McLaurin does not keep what he snags on his line. He's either thrown back or passed off the roughly 20 fish he's hauled in this summer, meaning that seafood allergy of his has been kept at bay. 

So, though his quote above shows a key similarity between fishing and football, that particular fact highlights the major difference. On a boat, he doesn't keep what he catches. His teammates, supporters and opponents know the opposite is true when he's on the field.