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Louis Riddick thinks Dwayne Haskins could have an 'absolutely fantastic, monstrous year' in 2020

Washington Football

Every quarterback in the NFL is going to have skeptics and Dwayne Haskins is no different, but many out there are at least beginning to allow themselves to feel moderate optimism for the Washington passer in 2020.

There's nothing "moderate" about the stance that ESPN analyst Louis Riddick is taking, however. In fact, even after dropping that modifier, "optimistic" still isn't strong enough on its own.

Here's what Riddick offered up about Haskins during an appearance on NFL Live, in what may be the most positive comments about the 23-year-old to come out this offseason.

"I expect Dwayne Haskins to have an absolutely fantastic, monstrous year, provided everything else around him stays intact, because he's earned it, he's worked for it this offseason," he said.

The way Haskins has attacked the months leading up to his second season is largely why Riddick is so upbeat when it comes to what the former first-rounder could do starting in September. 

"I think Dwayne has taken the perfect approach this offseason," Riddick said. "If you look at his social media, he basically chronicled his entire offseason as far as how hard he's been working, how much weight he has shed. He looks absolutely fantastic." 


Another reason Riddick is feeling so saucy is due to what's currently going on around No. 7.

Much like the former NFL coach who explained that Haskins found himself in "one of the most f----- up situations you can ever be in," Riddick also came across appalled at what the franchise put the guy through as a rookie. 


"Dwayne couldn't have been put in a worse situation last year," he said. "We all know he was put in a situation last year where he could not succeed."

With Ron Rivera and Scott Turner now slated to work alongside Haskins, Riddick envisions them providing a "platform in which he can grow." He even believes that platform could help replicate what happened with another recent QB who initially floundered but then ascended very suddenly.

"I think he's going to have one of those types of years here in his second year, maybe very similar to how Jared Goff took off with Sean McVay [when he] got his hands on him in L.A. and everybody was like, 'Whoa, wait a minute, this isn't the guy we saw a year ago,'" Riddick said. "And that's because people forget context is important when you're talking about quarterbacks."


Most Washington Football Team fans would likely be thrilled if Haskins continued along the path he started on toward the end of 2019, when he put together a few solid afternoons that proved he was learning.

Riddick's hopes, on the other hand, are obviously much higher. He doesn't necessarily see Haskins merely resuming his journey on that path; instead, it sounds like he's anticipating Haskins picking things up miles ahead of where he left them. That outcome would certainly do the organization a lot of good.

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