Washington Football

Washington Football

Every offseason, seeing NFL players return to their respective facilities is an uplifting sight, because it means football is near. This offseason, however, simple rites like that will feel extra special because of the pandemic's effects on day-to-day life, both in the sports world and the real world.

That's why, when Washington's social media account shared pictures Thursday of some of the more popular guys in Burgundy and Gold walking into the team's headquarters in Ashburn, it felt notable.

As bizarre as that is to say — the photos you're about to see are of guys literally walking in a parking lot — it's also true.

Check out these shots of Chase Young, Dwayne Haskins and Ryan Kerrigan heading to work (where Ron Rivera happily greets them) and try not to get a little fired up. You don't need to be a 12/10 on the Fired Up Scale, but it's OK if you find yourself at, like, a 7/10:


Look at Young's tiger shorts! Look at how Rivera and Haskins are playfully jostling each other! Look at how swole Kerrigan is! Look at how they're being responsible with their masks!

Making a big deal out of a small deal is often times worth ridiculing, of course. But not in this instance. 

Football players are back with other football players and their football coaches, and they're going to start preparing to play football. After these last few months, that's a simple joy that's worth celebrating to the fullest.


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