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Poll: Red Wolves dominates among Washington football fans

Poll: Red Wolves dominates among Washington football fans

The people have spoken. 

On Tuesday, I wrote about the results of a Yahoo! Sports poll on what fans wanted the Washington football team's next name to be. It came back with "Redtails" and "Warriors" leading the way, which enraged quite a bit of you. 

Why the outrage? Because Yahoo!'s poll excluded "Red Wolves," a fan-favorite and preferred option of a number of former Washington players. "Other" ended up getting the third-largest share of the vote and fans' love of "Red Wolves" certainly had something to do with it.

After witnessing fans' dismay with Yahoo!, we ran our own poll to see how differently the results would look if "Red Wolves" was involved. Safe to say, things went a tad differently. 

Based on over 8,000 votes cast, "Red Wolves" dominated the poll, earning 72% of the vote. Here's a look at how four names performed in our poll vs. Yahoo!:

Washington Red Wolves: 72% (N/A on Yahoo!)
Washington Warriors: 13% (23%)
Washington Redtails: 11% (28%)

Washington Redhawks: 4% (8%)


The fanbase's love of "Red Wolves" is abundantly clear, but the name faces a few hurdles before Washington could officially make it their choice. Arkansas State holds the rights to "Red Wolves" and is already in a legal dispute with a pro soccer team over the name.

It wouldn't be impossible for Washington to gain the rights from Arkansas State, but there's a good chance that the process takes a while. Given the name change is reportedly expected to be "buttoned up" by training camp, it's not an ideal situation. 


If the fans can get through to the organization by howling for "Red Wolves" over and over, the franchise could take the advice of several industry experts, opt for a temporary name like "Washington Football Club" for 2020 and afford themselves more time to acquire the rights to their permanent name. 

Practically all of this still needs to play out, and if it already has then few people outside the organization are aware. But hey, we heard you. "Red Wolves" is your favorite. Yahoo! should not have excluded it in their poll. Message received. 

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Burning Questions: Which Washington Football Team player should we be talking more about?

Burning Questions: Which Washington Football Team player should we be talking more about?

As training camp continues to build, JP Finlay and Pete Hailey will answer burning questions related to the Washington Football Team.

Up next: Which player should we be talking more about as the season nears?

JP's pick: Landon Collins

This might seem odd, but one of Washington’s most expensive players is flying under the radar during the transition to the Ron Rivera era. 

That would be Landon Collins. 

An All Pro in 2016 with the Giants, Washington signed him to a long-term deal last year that included $45 million guaranteed. He was good last season, but not great, and he’s being paid to be great. 

When Rivera or Jack Del Rio get questions about their defense this fall, most center around a stocked defensive front or questions about cornerback depth. 

To break through and be a dominant defensive unit, Washington needs more out of Collins, too.


Pete's pick: Montez Sweat

Thanks to being drafted alongside a prolific college quarterback, Montez Sweat was overlooked heading into his debut season. Now, because of Chase Young's presence, he's similarly sneaking into Year 2.

That doesn't lessen his importance to the defense, however.

For Washington's unit to be as ferocious as many hope it will be, all three of their pass rushers — Young, Ryan Kerrigan and Sweat — need to do damage.

Despite not having taken an NFL snap yet, it's almost expected that Young will feast right away. Kerrigan, meanwhile, is aging and coming off of his first experience with injuries as a pro, but his track record speaks for itself. Sweat is the one who feels like the X-factor in that trio.

He's very quiet, he's amongst the organization's deepest position and he's got a ways to go before justifying his 2019 draft position. But Sweat came on in the second half of the schedule as a rookie and if he keeps that up, he'll start drawing more attention  — both from fans and opponents.


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'Washington Rexes' name suggestion creates a stir on Twitter

'Washington Rexes' name suggestion creates a stir on Twitter

As the Washington Football Team searches for a permanent new moniker, it's no surprise that some rather unique names have been suggested. Take the Washington UFOs or Washington Wanderers as examples.

The newest member of that group is the Washington Rexes, a name highlighted by the team as part of the fan recommendations initiative it's taking. The name was recommended by a fan named Carl, and the reasoning behind it certainly unique.

"Washington Rexes. I know this seems strange, but hear me out. Washington is home to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, which houses an impressive collection of dinosaur skeletons, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the largest and most terrifying predators in history," Carl wrote. "Rexes would be an impressive nickname, implying strength, power, and ferocity. The mascot would be amazing. Plus, who doesn't love dinosaurs?" 

As wild as it may seem, Carl does kind of bring up some good points. The dinosaur is a very strong and scary animal, so it checks the intimidation box. The Smithsonian gives it the local connection and naming the stadium "Jurrasic Park" or something of that nature actually works. Wait, is Washington Rexes genuinely a good idea?

Well, for the most part, Twitter did not think so.

If dinosaurs weren't their thing, some suggested picturing it as an homage to former Washington quarterback Rex Grossman. 

Washington Rexes probably won't be the eventual name of the team. But, Carl deserves an A+ for creativity. 


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