Washington Football

Washington Football

As the NBA, NHL and MLB progress toward their season restarts after coronavirus suspended/delayed their 2020 campaigns, the NFL remains on schedule. On Saturday, the NFL reportedly sent teams an email containing official reporting dates for training camp. 

Rookies are to report on July 21, quarterbacks and injured players on July 23 and remainder on July 28. No changes to the original schedule. 

That email left a large number of prominent players concerned, so on Sunday afternoon, they all voiced their reservations on Twitter to call for the league to implement the health and safety protocols the league's medical experts are advising them toward. The group of players included, JJ Watt, Pat Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Myles Garrett, Malcolm Jenkins and many more.

As Watt includes in his post, players don't know if the league plans to conduct daily testing, how the league will handle a positive test and whether there will be an opt-out clause for at high-risk for the disease or with family members who are high-risk as well. 


The common theme among every player's tweets was the hashtag, #WeWantToPlay, signifying that they want the 2020 football season to happen, but they need answers before they report to camp and put themselves and family members at risk for a disease still very much on the rise in the United States. 


The NFLPA's medical director Thom Mayer told The Sports Junkies in late June, "You couldn't design a sport or activity of any type more designed to transmit this disease more than NFL football." 

Dr. Anthony Fauci recommended a bubble format for the 2020 season, saying that unless players are insulated in a bubble with daily testing, it would be, "very hard to see" football being played in the fall. 

Medical experts have offered their thoughts and concerns over executing a football season in the middle of a global pandemic. The NFL has acknowledged those concerns too, specifically Fauci's. But with just over a week before everyone is required to report to training camp, players have made their displeasure with the league public over its lack of plan to alleviate the health and safety issues that go hand-in-hand with coronavirus. 

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