Washington Football

Washington Football

Most, if not nearly all, assume that the Washington Football Team will go by that name solely for the 2020 season. The thinking is that the moniker doesn't signal a new chapter; instead, it's acting as a blank page that separates the previous parts and what's yet to come.

Even the organization itself said last week, "We will call ourselves the 'Washington Football Team' pending adoption of our new name," and, in that same press release, explained that the decision is for "this season." 

So, yes, in all likelihood, this'll be a one-year run and nothing more. Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Terry Bateman, however, wouldn't completely rule out the possibility of this one-year run becoming something far bigger.

"If everybody in the market loves the name and adopts it and, ultimately, that's what the majority of the people want to have, I could see a scenario," Bateman told JP Finlay on the Washington Football Talk podcast.

"I'm really proud of what we unveiled," he continued. "I think it's great work. We had a great creative team involved, both internally on our staff and externally that we brought in to help us with this, and I think the work product, the quality, the designs, the logo, the uniforms, I really like it a lot. I think it's very classy."



Aside from LeBron James, reception for the franchise effectively hitting pause on its search and choosing to really take its time has been positive. Sure, the current tag is a bit clunky and more than a bit generic, but fans and analysts have largely approved of the momentary label and the accompanying new uniforms and helmets as well. 

Now, would there be as much praise from supporters if Washington Football Team transitioned from an interim name to a permanent one? That's a much different discussion, and it feels like the answer would probably be no. 

Bateman, though, had no problem touting the stopgap solution. It's going to be very important to not overreact to small clues or quotes in the coming months as this process moves forward, but the fact that he left the door open on that stopgap's chances of turning into the answer is worth remembering.

"It preserves our history very well with the Burgundy and Gold," Bateman said. "Its got some exciting new, temporary elements that tie the past and the future together... I think if you add it all up, it's really a great product."

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