Mystics included in Google's 2020 'Year in Search' video


2020 was quite the year. One that many will remember for a long time, while at the same time several will hope they can soon forget. In the abnormal year, one prominent message that broke through the news cycle was sent by the Washington Mystics. 

The Mystics prompted the WNBA's decision to postpone two days worth of games during their bubble season. It came in wake of the Kenosha, Wi. shooting of Jacob Blake by police in August. Before the plan to opt-out of playing the game, Washington arrived wearing plain white t-shirts that spelled out the name of Blake and had drawn seven bullet holes on the back to signify how many times he was shot. 

That moment was included in Google's annual 'Year in Search' video that recaps the past year (scroll to the 1:37 mark). 

The image shows the players kneeling in solidarity, arms locked along with Tianna Hawkins' son Emmanuel in a Mystics jersey. 

Head coach Mike Thibault came up with the idea to create the homemade shirts over a printing company. The goal was for the imagery to be "startling" and stand out. 

It was one of only three instances that sports were included in the video. Kobe Bryant, who died tragically in a helicopter crash earlier this year, had videos and images with him and his daughter, Gianna, who also perished in the crash. There was a clip of a LeBron James dunk as well. 


The Mystics have been known for their stances on social reform and inequality. One of the most vocal advocates in the league, Natasha Cloud, has been at the forefront of these issues ever since she signed with the team.