Bryce Harper on potential for $400M contract: 'Don't sell me short'


Everyone knows the Nationals would like to sign Bryce Harper to a long-term contract, but the exact price of such a deal has been the subject of much debate, particularly since he won the NL MVP award after a historic 2015 season.

All sorts of numbers have been thrown out there, as no one really knows what it will take. An interview Harper did with 106.7 The Fan, however, may have given us a good indication of a starting point.

Harper was asked by Grant Paulsen on the Grant and Danny Show if he could be in line for a $400 million deal, one that would shatter the current record for a free agent contract held by Giancarlo Stanton.

“Yeah, I mean I don’t really think about that stuff. I just try to play the years out and do everything I can to help my team win,” Harper said. “But don’t sell me short. That’s what you’re doing right now to me, so don’t do that."

Don't sell him short. You heard the man. It sounds like Harper is looking for more than $400 million. He didn't specify, but this will make debating his future even more interesting.

Harper's interview airs in full on 106.7 The Fan on Friday's show at 11 a.m. Harper will also discuss Dusty Baker, Jonathan Papelbon and his recent support of the Redskins.


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