Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper is the best player in baseball and would love to participate in the 2017 World Baseball Classic, but the reigning NL MVP is not ready to fully commit.

The reason is because he only wants to play if he feels the United States team has a chance to win it all. For him, that means other U.S. stars jumping on board.

"I think when you really look at it, if the guys play that you really want to play with, then definitely I'll play. But if we're not going to have the opportunity to win, then I don't want to play," Harper told CSN Mid-Atlantic. "If we do that, then I'm definitely in. If not, I probably won't do it."

Harper named Noah Syndergaard, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and Nolan Arenado among others as players he's eyeing for the roster.

"I really just think if we have the support of all the players in the big leagues on the American side, then I'll definitely play. I'd love to. Hopefully we get some guys like Thor in New York and guys like that," he said.

Harper, 23, is the face of Major League Baseball and would be a huge get for the U.S. team if he fully commits. The United States finished sixth in the 2013 WBC, but would likely do a lot better if all those names joined in.

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