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Bryce Harper's pre-game hair routine takes quite a while


Bryce Harper's pre-game hair routine takes quite a while

Have you ever watched a Nationals game and thought, man, what handsome fellows?

If yes, Bryce Harper totally agrees. That's what he said in an interview with Intentional Talk on MLB Network. 

"I think we’re a pretty good-looking team, especially starting with [Jayson Werth] from the top with the beard. Scherzer with the two [different colored] eyes, I mean, that’s incredible. That’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.”

No #WokeUpLikeThis for your Washington Nationals. Looking good takes work, especially when it comes to getting the hair just right.

Harper's tall, slicked-back pompadour always looks perfect -- never flat or dented -- coming out of his helmet. That's no accident. In fact, it takes quite a bit of pre-game prep work. 

“Seriously, it takes me about 30 minutes to do my hair before a game."

It might not come as a surprise that Harper cares about his coif, but the other National he mentions comes out of left field. 

"[Werth] takes a little bit of time, too. He’s got his Murray’s [pomade]. So he throws his Murray’s in there and lets it eat a little bit."

Werth's appearance is a deliberate look, apparently. The more you know!

(via For the Win)

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2018 MLB Power Rankings: All-Star update

USA TODAY Sports Images

2018 MLB Power Rankings: All-Star update

The All-Star break is a perfect opportunity to sit down and re-evaluate the landscape of Major League Baseball. As it turns out, however, there aren't as many meaningful moves as one might expect.

The unrivaled dominance of the Astros, Red Sox, and Yankees sets us up for a wildly entertaining October, and the uber-talented rosters of the Indians, Cubs and Dodgers will make noise as well. Still, it means the top three (and, moving down, the next three to four teams) in our power rankings haven't experienced much variance in 2018.

The gap between the haves and the have-nots has never been more pronounced than it is in this era, which means the bottom-four teams have stayed pretty steady since May. Yes, the Reds have made a nice jump since Jim Riggleman took over, and the Orioles are about 15 spots lower than we had them in March, but none of the major moves will have any real impact on who we expect to win the World Series this year.

That doesn't mean it's not worthwhile to see where each team stands, however, and these are certainly still subject to change. The Nationals, for example, have enough talent and starpower on the roster to jump into the top six or seven teams as a legitimate title contender at some point.  

The stars are out in D.C. this week, as baseball converges onto the nation's capital. Are the hometown team's stars enough to keep the roster in the conversation for the playoffs? 


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    2018 MLB Home Run Derby Live Blog

    USA TODAY Sports

    2018 MLB Home Run Derby Live Blog

    It's dinger donging time. 

    Tonight's the night that Nats fans have looked forward to for a few years now — a Home Run Derby in D.C. featuring Bryce Harper, who's favored to win this year's contest. All eyes will be on Harper and Nats Park and I guess everyone else who's taking part in the event, and NBC Sports Washington will have you covered from batting practice through the last mashed tater. 

    Make sure to follow along on our social channels as well, where we'll be sure to be supplying okayish tweets all night. 

    Stylin' Bryce Harper (6 p.m.)

    We knew the Nats' slugger was ready to show his love for his team and the MLB All-Star Game's host city with some spectacular Washington-themed cleats, but Harper took it a step further Monday before the fun started. Harper is hitting in the derby with a special cherry blossom bat, as an additional nod to the nation's capital.