Max Scherzer has come up with an amazing way to help pets stranded in Hurricane Harvey


Several athletes have already gotten involved raising money for the devastation in Houston caused by Hurricane Harvey, but Max Scherzer and his wife Erica decided to contribute in a slightly different way.

In the wake of the storm, countless pets have been left behind as people were forced to evacuate their homes. The couple is covering the adoption fee this weekend for all pets at the Washington-based Humane Rescue Alliance in order to make space for some of these animals the shelter is taking in from Houston.

Adoption fees can range from $85 - $200, so the couple hopes by waiving the fee, people who may have been on the fence about adopting due to cost will be encouraged to adopt now.

Scherzer and his wife Erica are noted animal lovers. The couple has adopted dogs, Erica is on the Board of Directors of the Humane Rescue Alliance, and earlier this year Max co-starred alongside a dog named Glee in a PSA to raise awareness for the shelter.

If you were already considering adopting a pet in the near future, this weekend is the best time to do it.

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