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Nats Stock Watch: Storen excelling in setup role


Nats Stock Watch: Storen excelling in setup role

Each week this season, we’ll take the temperature of the Nationals roster to see whose stock is rising or falling.  

Record: 3-4

Team slash: .213/.262/.356

Team ERA: 3.00

Runs per game:  3.14



Drew Storen, RP: 4 GP/ 1-0/ 0.00 ERA  

For those concerned about how Storen would take to his new eighth inning role, the past week provided a pretty resounding answer. After the club traded for Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon -- a move that essentially meant a demotion of sorts for the incumbent -- Storen responded with a dominant stretch to show the Nats that he can be effective no matter what inning it is. In his four appearances since Papelbon's arrival, he's retired all 12 batters he's faced, including six strikeouts. Of the 35 pitches he's thrown in those outings, 32 have been strikes, with nine of those being swings-and-misses. Yeah, that's pretty nasty. It's obvious that he's probably not thrilled about his new role, but so far he appears to be making the best of it. 

Casey Janssen, RP: 3 GP/ 0.00 ERA  

Don't look now, but the back end of the Nats' bullpen is looking more and more dangerous. With a combination of Janssen, Storen and Papelbon, Matt Williams has the ability to shorten each game a la last year's Kansas City Royals. It may not feel like Janssen has been as overpowering as Storen and Papelbon, but his numbers suggest otherwise: In his last nine outings, he hasn't allowed a run and has 10 strikeouts, one walk on just two hits. That'll get the job done.

Bryce Harper, RF: .333 AVG/ 2 HR/ 1.009 OPS  

What's amazing about Harper's season is even when it seems like he's "cooled off" for a particular stretch, he still winds up leading the club in most offensive categories. Take this past week for example, where he lead all Nats in average and OPS. Even when the rest of the lineup is struggling, he always finds a way to avoid an elongated slump, which is a credit to a more consistent, patient approach at the plate. 


Jordan Zimmermann, SP: 6.0 IP/ 0-1/ 7.50 ERA  

Nats fans are still smarting from Zimmermann's most recent outing, one that was highlighted by a third-inning meltdown against the Mets on national television where the righty allowed five runs on three homers in a four-hitter stretch. The sequence was so stunning, so un-Zimmermann-like that it punctuated something most fans had feared: The Mets are a real threat, and this division race is about to heat up. What's troubling for the Nats these days is that, aside from Max Scherzer, they don't appear to have a stopper in the rotation. Before the season, Scherzer and Zimmermann were seen as one of the best one-two punches of any starting rotation in the game. Now it seems like both are scuffling a little more than we're accustomed to seeing. And with the Nats struggling to score consistently, it puts even more pressure on their horses to hold opposing offenses at bay. 

Doug Fister, SP: 12.0 IP/ 1-1/ 5.25 ERA 

He's been listed in this spot more times than Nats fans would like, but it's pretty clear that Fister just isn't the same pitcher that he was in 2014. The sinkerballer hasn't been able to use his patented formula of working quickly and inducing ground balls to mow down opposing lineups. Instead, that formula has eluded him as his sinker (which averages between 87 and 88 mph) is too often left up in the zone for hitters to feast on. He's allowed 44 earned runs this season -- the exact amount he yielded in 25 starts last year. 

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Report: Nationals among teams to release minor leaguers amid coronavirus pandemic

Report: Nationals among teams to release minor leaguers amid coronavirus pandemic

The Nationals are among many teams that cut a portion of its minor-league ranks as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, TheScore’s Robert Murray reported Thursday.

According to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, "hundreds" of minor leaguers lost their jobs Thursday as talks continue between MLB and its players union over the parameters for a salvaged 2020 season.

Although both sides maintain optimism that an MLB season will be played this summer, the fact that it would begin without fans in attendance is an indication that the minor-league season—of which teams rely almost entirely on ticket sales and concessions for revenue—is likely lost.

MLB teams agreed in March to pay their minor-league players $400 a week through May 31. However, as many teams have announced series of pay cuts, furloughs and lay offs for their employees over the past few weeks, it started to look inevitable that the minor leaguers would be a casualty of the virus’s economic ramifications once the agreement expired.

The last few weeks of spring training leading up to Opening Day typically see a significant number of minor-league players cut loose after failing to make team rosters. Since no team had the chance to narrow down its list of players before coronavirus forced the suspension of spring training, many of the players released may have already been candidates to get let go.

However, the sheer number of players that are now unemployed is unprecedented. While the released players are now free agents and free to sign with any club, it’s unlikely many teams bring on new players while the pandemic continues to grip the country.

At the very least until the league and MLBPA—which doesn't represent players in the minors—reach an agreement on how to proceed with the 2020 season, those minor-league players are going to have to find income through another job.


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New Jersey brewery takes shot at Astros' cheating scandal with new beer

New Jersey brewery takes shot at Astros' cheating scandal with new beer

Even with the baseball world on hold, the digs at the Houston Astros surrounding their sign-stealing scandal persist. The latest may be the most clever, as one New Jersey brewery created a custom beer just to take a shot at the Astros.

Departed Soles' newest drink is named "Trash Can Banger" and is a beer dedicated to slighting the Astros' 2017 World Series championship. The drink itself contains 2,017 grams of hops in each barrel, and the can design mimics Houston's well-recognized striped jerseys.

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Sometimes you need to bend the rules a little to Marwin the day, so we're up and at 'em a little earlier than we should be, getting a fresh new Hazy IPA in cans Justin time for a surprise Sunday release! Some of you may have already gotten the Signs that this was coming today, but beer releases are like a pitcher's arsenal, and you never really know what's coming and when... unless, of course, you cheat. When this pandemic first struck, much of our staff worked from home, while Brian rededicated himself to the Art of Brewing.. rewatching brewing school classes, reading new studies, and pouring over interviews, trying to Luhn(h)ow we could improve our efficiencies and processes. The result is a Fiers new approach to everything we do, from mashing in, to dry hopping, water treatments to canning, and everything in between. And, well, we don't mean to breg, man, but this new beer is Reddickulous, and you won't want to miss it! Brewed with Citra in our whirlpool, and given a touch of milk sugar for complexity, this juice bomb was twice dry hopped... first with more Citra, then with 2017 grams per barrel of Galaxy and Strata Hops... and just like an Asteroid, the flavor is out of this world! Like a craft beer Minute Made orange juice, to enjoy at a Park this fine day! Need some #TrashCanBanger in your life? Maybe Collin a favor with a friend if you're stuck in Correa, to have 'em pick you up some, or Cora ride share from Dallas to the brewery. If all else fails, throw a Belt & ran to the brewery, with a little Springer in your step, to be here at noon when we open up and release it to the world... Assuming our canning run goes off without a Hinch, 4 packs of this new #DefinitelyNotGlutenFree Banger will be available at noon for $17. Set your alarm to buzz, or tape an electrode to your chest to make sure you don't forget! The show Musgrove on! We're open from noon until 8pm, accepting same day delivery orders up until 4pm. Usual minimums, fees, etc. apply! Menu in story.

A post shared by Departed Soles Brewing Co. (@departedsoles) on

Why exactly did Departed Soles decide to make this beer? It was a simple mentality that most would agree with.

“I’m not a fan of cheaters,” Departed Soles head brewer and owner Brian Kulbacki told


Kulbacki noted that the beverage has created some support among Yankees and Dodgers fans who were heavily impacted by the 2017 events, while people in Houston are not too fond of it. That's no surprise, though Kulbacki was taken back by how many Astros fans remain blind to what happened.

The creation of the beer stemmed from the brewery missing live sports; taking a shot at the Astros in the process was an added bonus. 

“We’re all very big sports fans, and we’re all desperate for sports to come back,” Kulbacki said. “We’re desperate for anything to talk about other than a pandemic right now. So we thought it was an opportune time to put out a beer.”

At ballparks or bars, it looks like the Astros won't be escaping the digs anytime soon. 

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