Redskins linebacker Terence Garvin had never played in Philadelphia until Sunday, and after the game and a near brawl with the Eagles sideline, he will probably never forget it. Prior to this year, Garvin played three years for the Steelers, but never made the trip to Lincoln Financial Field.

A special teams standout, Garvin was on the field in the fourth quarter when a big hit from Deshazor Everett on Eagles punt returner Darren Sproles nearly sparked a major brawl. As players from the Philly bench emptied out onto the field, Garvin was in the middle of it all. 

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"I guess [Everett] hit him, I thought it was a legal hit," Garvin said. "[Eagles special teamer Steven Means] grabbed me kinda crazy, he said something kinda crazy. It triggered me a little bit." 

From there, Garvin was in a situation where he felt he could not back down, though eventually referees got the scene under control and players from both sides returned to their benches. Everett was flagged for a penalty, deservedly, but football took back over.

After the game, Garvin explained that it was just one of those flare-up instances that happen sometimes while playing.

"In game be a lot of words, but it's all good. Just a little moment, aggression."


It wasn't just the pushing and shoving between players that Garvin will remember. What stood out to Garvin most came when he got back to the bench after the scuffle. 

"I can honestly say I had a fan look me in my eyes and say, 'Terence Garvin, you’re a b**ch.' Look me in my eyes. I started laughing, it brought some chuckle to me," he said. 

Garvin goes 6-foot-3 and 220 lbs. He grew up in Baltimore. A fan hurling curse words at him is probably not a good idea. Then again, fans at Eagles games are notorious for bad language and crude behavior. Not all, but a consistent bunch. And yet, Garvin enjoyed it.

"It's a hostile stadium here. I think that makes the game better though. You feel it," he said. "Hostility is never a bad thing, it’s a hostile game. Don’t take hostility as a negative."

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