The Redskins got exactly two catches all season from injured first-round pick Josh Doctson, but the young wideout is feeling much more optimistic for 2017. The 'Skins will need him as both 1,000 yard receivers DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon are free agents, and it's possible neither could come back. 

Doctson's situation seemed bizarre for most of the season. Dealing with an injury to his Achilles, the Redskins medical staff could not figure out how best to treat the rookie, and despite visiting with multiple specialists, the diagnosis could not be figured out. The best course of action was determined to be rest, and the team put Doctson on the injured reserve list. 

Asked how he feels today, Doctson sounded like a guy that wanted to get back on the field.

"I'm feeling well," he said. "If the season were to continue and we could get another guy back from IR than I could probably get another crack at things. Rest was the most important thing for my longevity of my career at that point in time."


Doctson could be expected to start next year, depending on free agency. Figuring out his role is important, but getting back to full health is the priority. 

"100 percent healthy, that's first and foremost," he said about offseason plans. And for next year, he wants to see "where I’m going to be able to fit in next year with the movement at receiver position, trying to find a molded spot for myself."


Losing his rookie year was difficult for Doctson, but he feels he was still able to learn a lot.

"It was tough, losing is always tough no matter what. It’s a blessing to be here, be in this locker room with these guys, even though I wasn’t able to play this year, kinda was able to observe a lot," Doctson said. "That's only good for so long, you want to get out there and play. It was a tough loss last night but I'm feeling optimistic and good about next year already."

Redskins fans will be happy to hear that Doctson grew frustrated watching from the sideline, though ultimately, his play on the field next year is what will matter. 

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