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Broncos in no hurry to hear Manning's future plans but should they be?


Broncos in no hurry to hear Manning's future plans but should they be?

One of the great storylines surrounding Super Bowl 50 is the possibility that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will leave the field for the last time while hoisting a Lombardi Trophy in the air.

There are two things that could get in the way of this storybook ending. One is that the Panthers are favored by about a touchdown and the chances are that they will be the ones handling the Lombardi. The other is that this may not be Manning’s last hurrah.

The signs point to him being at the end. The 39-year-old was sidelined with a left foot injury for seven games and even when healthy he has been a shadow of his old self, his passes lacking zip. After winning the AFC championship game, he told Patriots coach Bill Belichick that “this might be my last rodeo”. It was supposed to be a private remark but NFL films microphones picked up the audio.

At the Super Bowl, Manning has not said anything about retirement one way or the other.

"I've tried to stay in the moment, tried not to look back," Manning said in the opening minutes of his session at the Super Bowl 50 media night. "Just tried to stay in the moment."

Those close to Manning, including his brother Eli and father Archie, claim that Peyton has not told them of his plans one way or the other. John Elway, the current Broncos boss who lived the retire after raising the trophy dream following Super Bowl XXXIII, says that he is in no hurry to find out Manning’s decision.

He’s got plenty of time, whatever time he needs,” Elway said. “I think it’s never going to be a quick decision. You don’t want it to be. It’s one that’s going to change his life, . . . and it’s always a hard decision. So we’ll give him plenty of time.”

It’s a pretty safe bet, however, the Elway is hoping that a Manning decision will come in a few weeks rather than in a few months. Brock Osweiler, who played well when filling in for Manning this year, is going to be a free agent when the new league year starts on March 9. It would be helpful to know Manning’s plans and how much cap space is available before trying to strike a deal with Osweiler.

One thing to keep in mind is that playing for the Broncos in 2016 and retiring are not necessarily the only two options for Manning. The Rams have had internal discussions about signing Manning to play out his final seasons in Los Angeles.

Manning would have the option to sign with another team if the Broncos decided that they wanted to move on to Osweiler and get rid of Manning’s $19 million salary for next year. Whether he would want to play for the Rams or any other any other team is another matter.

If Manning does decide to retire, he could get a very nice golden parachute on his way out. Manning took a pay cut for 2015 but his new contract gave him a chance to earn the money back. A Broncos win on Sunday would make Manning a $2 million incentive bonus. As far as retirement gifts go, that certainly would beat a gold watch.

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Redskins are keeping Greg Manusky, and they swear it's not because the other guys said no

Redskins are keeping Greg Manusky, and they swear it's not because the other guys said no

In the weeks since the 2018 season ended, the Redskins have had various levels of contact with Todd Bowles, Steve Wilks and Gregg Williams.

All three men have extensive experience as defensive coordinators and all three men got new jobs already this offseason in that position. 

Now, after Bowles, Wilks and Williams picked up those new jobs, The Washington Post reported that the Redskins will keep Greg Manusky as defensive coorinator. He's already under contract. 

The meetings with all the other guys? A source told the Post that the Redskins wanted to get "different perspectives" on improving the defense for 2019.

Different perspectives. From the three hottest coordinator names on the coaching market. Sure. 

That said, Manusky is not the sole reason the Redskins fell apart in the second half of the 2018 season. In fact, he's probably not in the Top 5 reasons. 

The Washington defense improved in Manusky's second season as defensive coordinator and looked like a fierce unit in the first half of the year. The team made tremendous strides in rush defense and proved to be quite good at forcing turnovers.

Late in the season, verbal spats with safety DJ Swearinger might have undermined Manusky's status with the defense. But the team decided to release Swearinger, cementing the coach's authority. It also helped that emerging leader Jonathan Allen came out and vocally supported Manusky and his defensive schemes. 

At this point, the Redskins have no choice but to say the team was keeping Manusky all along.

If the organization was interested in other candidates at defensive coordinator, and it sure seemed like they were, those guys found other jobs. The marketplace isn't packed with other candidates with brighter resumes to replace Manusky, so the team is smart to bring back the incumbent. 

The process was awkward, regardless of what gets said now. Manusky is a professional, and has been coaching in the NFL for more than a decade. He understands how business gets done. 

Now, Manusky will be back, and there is good young talent on the Redskins defense, especially up front. 

The guess here is Manusky will say he always expected to be back and never stopped working on getting better for 2019. Now he gets the chance to show it. 


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You're going to love Chris Thompson's story about the time he first met Adrian Peterson

You're going to love Chris Thompson's story about the time he first met Adrian Peterson

Chris Thompson is an accomplished player in the NFL. Despite being a fifth round pick, Thompson has made it to a second contract, something more than half of the league never does. 

In six seasons with the Redskins, Thompson has nearly 2,500 yards from scrimmage and 15 touchdowns. At times, he's been among the best third down backs in the NFL. 

This is a long way of establishing that Chris Thompson is an accomplised football player. Redskins fans know that.

Adrian Peterson didn't. 

Not many people would share that story, so good for Thompson for doing it. Let's add that Peterson joined the Redskins after offseason workouts and training camp, the normal time for new players to get to know each other. Peterson signed up with the Redskins in the middle of August, well after the regular get-to-know-you period had closed. 

Still, that's a tough break for Thompson. 

Peterson is a legend in the NFL, one of the best running backs to ever play the game. When he joined the Redskins, a number of players watched him work in practice with the hint of awe in their eyes. He proved to be a great teammate and a strong presence in the locker room.

By the end of the year, Peterson was obviously a leader for the Redskins. Players looked up to him, even if he didn't know their name when the year started.


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