Chris Baker and Joe Barry didn't always see eye to eye, and there were a few examples of that just this past season.

There was Baker openly voicing his displeasure about Barry's decision not to rush the passer during the Lions' final drive in Week 7, a drive that concluded with Matt Stafford throwing a game-winning touchdown and Detroit stealing a win Washington could've used.

And there was also an incident back in the Redskins' first matchup with the Giants, where cameras caught Baker yelling at Barry on MetLife Stadium's sidelines. So now, knowing that the Burgundy and Gold have moved on from Barry as their defensive coordinator, Baker is celebrating, right?

Not exactly. In a new installment of CSN's #RedskinsTalk podcast with JP Finlay, the defensive lineman downplayed the argument in New York, and said overall, he and his now-former coach did in fact get along.


"I had a great relationship with Joe Barry," Baker told Finlay. "Our wives liked each other, our families are always around each other."

"But football is a competitive sport and me and him got into it at the Giants game," he continued, explaining what happened. "I think it was nickel and I wanted us to be in base on the two-yard line, and the Giants scored an easy touchdown so we got at it a little bit after the start of that game. But me and Joe Barry have a great relationship. Of course, at any time, during a season, during a game, things can go wrong."


No. 92 said that in those little dust-ups, curse words are thrown around but apologies follow soon after, before each side goes back to pursuing the common goal of getting better. Unfortunately for Barry, that goal just wasn't accomplished often enough in 2016.

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