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Cousins says he will learn from his mistake vs. Bears


Cousins says he will learn from his mistake vs. Bears

Kirk Cousins threw a costly interception in the third quarter against the Bears on Sunday. With the Redskins clinging to a 21-14 lead Cousins went to Pierre Garçon, who had run a deep out to the right sideline. Cousins said after the game that he didn’t see cornerback Kyle Fuller,  who came in and picked off the pass. After Fuller returned it to the 21 it took the Bears three plays to tie the game at 21.

On Monday, Jay Gruden came down on Cousins a bit for the interception. “I think he could have gotten a lot from the pre-snap recognition of where the corner was and the coverage,” said Gruden. “He should have seen that it was Cover 2, and that particular route, the flat defender was the corner. He just didn’t see him.”

It’s apparent that Gruden had this discussion with Cousins as well as with the media. On Wednesday, Cousins was asked what he had seen when he reviewed the play on film.

“It’s not so much, ‘I have to see him.’ I think it is, ‘If you don’t see him, don’t throw it.’ I think going forward you continue to feel like, ‘Hey, if you’re throwing a ball blind, progress and move to the next receiver in the progression or check it down to your outlet to a halfback.’ That would be the coaching point there and you continue to learn from those, just try to avoid throwing a ball that feels like it may be a little blind."

It’s really a matter of changing what you assume. Cousins didn’t see Fuller and assumed that he wasn’t in the area. Based on the coverage, he has to assume that Fuller is there.

After throwing eight interceptions in the first six games of the season he has thrown just three in the last seven. He appears to be learning and we will see if he can continue to do so. 

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Bruce Allen does not know why Redskins would expect suspension for Reuben Foster

Bruce Allen does not know why Redskins would expect suspension for Reuben Foster

MOBILE, Ala. — Florida authorities dropped domestic violence charges against Reuben Foster earlier this month, and for Redskins team president Bruce Allen, that should mean no NFL suspension.

Allen said as much when speaking with reporters on Tuesday at the Senior Bowl. 

"The league is still finishing their investigation of it," Allen said. "I don't know why we would expect a suspension, but we'll let the league finish up."

There is precedent for an NFL suspension regardless of legal action. Recent examples include a three-game suspension for Jameis Winston and a six-game suspension for Ezekiel Elliott.

The Cowboys tried to fight Elliott's suspension in the courts, but eventually, the NFL won. Winston and the Bucs did not appeal his suspension. 

Neither Winston or Elliott were ever charged with a crime, but the accusations against both included salacious details and possible sexual assault, and the NFL did not relent in their rulings. 

For Foster, in the last calendar year he has been arrested twice for separate incidents of domestic violence. The first case fell apart when testimony was recanted, and in the second case, charges were dropped. The 49ers released him after the second incident, and Washington swooped in to claim the linebacker off waivers. 

Throughout this process, the Redskins have maintained that Foster would not play for the organization if he was deemed guilty of any wrongdoing.

"Let me be clear, Reuben will have to go through numerous steps including the full legal process, an investigation and potential discipline from the NFL, as well as meetings with counselors associated with the team before he will ever have the opportunity to wear the Burgundy and Gold as a player," Redskins VP of Personnel Doug Williams said in a November statement.

Allen said that the team conducted its own investigation then and expected Foster to be cleared. Now, Allen expects Foster to stay out of trouble. 

"We hold our players to a very high standard at the Redskins," the team president said. "We ask for a commitment that goes beyond the 60 minutes of a football game. Reuben understands what he has to do, and he's been doing it every day."

As a rookie in 2017, Foster played in 10 games and registered 72 tackles.

In 2018, Foster started the season on a suspension for a drug violation before playing six games. He logged 29 tackles but his year was cut short for injuries before landing on the commissioner's exempt list once the arrest in Florida happened. 

A first-round pick out of Alabama in 2017, Foster will be lined up with a number of his former college teammates on the Redskins. 

Assuming he gets through the offseason without any trouble, when Foster hits the field for Washington, he could be a major asset


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Bill Callahan should return as offensive line coach, answering one major question about Redskins' staff


Bill Callahan should return as offensive line coach, answering one major question about Redskins' staff

Bill Callahan is expected to return to the Redskins for another season, taking care of one major question regarding Jay Gruden's staff.

Washington's offensive line coach of four years should be back for 2019, Bruce Allen told reporters at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

There had previously been much speculation that Callahan was on the outs.

Callahan came to D.C. in 2015 and has long been hailed as one of the league's top O-line gurus. His tenure with the Redskins has featured both positives and negatives.

Among the positives? Brandon Scherff has grown into an elite NFL guard, Morgan Moses earned a pricey contract extension and 2017 sixth-round pick Chase Roullier spent all of last year as the offense's starting center. And Trent Williams, of course, is still Trent Williams.

However, the unit has been decimated by injuries the past two seasons. Some wonder if Callahan's intense coaching — often times, he keeps his players for an extra 30 minutes after weekly practices — has something to do with it.

In addition, the Burgundy and Gold's running game has never really emerged as a dominant one for a 16-game schedule, and Callahan has always had a large role in that area.

Allen said Gruden's full complement of coaches will be finalized in a few weeks. The head coach wasn't at the Senior Bowl on Tuesday; instead, he was conducting interviews at the Redskins' Ashburn facility.