We have heard from Kirk Cousins for the first time since right after the end of the season. What he said was sort of good news for those who want to see him play quarterback in Washington for the long haul. Then again, it wasn’t all positive.

"I'd love to build something in Washington, we'll see if the decision-makers let that happen," Cousins said at the Pro Bowl, via Dave Richard of

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By the “decision makers” he likely means the Redskins’ brass such as owner Dan Snyder, team president Bruce Allen, and GM Scot McCloughan. Also included in that category is Mike McCartney, who is Cousins’ agent.

The two sides tried to come to a contract agreement last year and they never really came close. Cousins ended up playing on the franchise tag. That is an option for the Redskins this year too, although the price will go up from just under $20 million to about $24 million.

One thing that should not be overlooked here is the fact that Cousins himself also is a “decision maker”. He’s not going to get into the weeds of option bonuses and deferred payments but McCartney works for him. If Cousins wanted to, he could tell his agent to negotiate the best deal he can get with the Redskins and be done with it.


Perhaps that is what is going on. No purpose would be served by Cousins saying, yeah, I’m staying one way or another. It’s about leverage and he would lose some if he said that.

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So take this for what it is worth. Cousins doesn’t want to be the bad guy and as long as he can point the finger at others when it comes to why a deal isn’t done he’ll keep making non-committal statements like this one.

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