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Cowboys WR Lucky Whitehead's dog reportedly held for ransom

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Cowboys WR Lucky Whitehead's dog reportedly held for ransom

While out of town in Florida, Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead received a disturbing phone call. His friend, who was dog sitting for Whitehead while he was out of town, had come to the residence to find Whitehead's new pitbull puppy Blitz, missing.

Whitehead immediately booked a flight back home to Dallas when he received a call from a blocked number, claiming they had Blitz and were demanding ransom money to the tune of $10,000.

A local Dallas NBC affiliate spoke with Whitehead about Blitz's disappearance, found on The Comeback's blog.

In the interview, Whitehead said he agreed to pay the dognapper(s) their ransom money as long as they could prove his dog was OK. The dognapper(s) told Whitehead they would let him know in a phone call back after a few minutes, but never called back.

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Additionally, Whitehead told the NBC affiliate that shoes and bags were also stolen from his home, but he is only concerned with the wellbeing and safe return of Blitz, whom Whitehead only had for 9-10 weeks.

In an Instagram post, Whitehead pleaded for any information about the whereabouts of his dog.

So far, police have been unable to locate Blitz's whereabouts, as the phone number used to contact Whitehead was an untraceable "burner phone."

Whitehead is convinced whomever stole Blitz is someone who knew when the dogsitter would not be at his home.

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Dwayne Haskins sees parallels between himself, Lion King's Simba

Dwayne Haskins sees parallels between himself, Lion King's Simba

The story of the Lion King is one that takes many of us to our childhood, a feel-good story about a young cub going through adversity to become  King.

It's a story Redskins new quarterback, Dwayne Haskins Junior, has related to since he was a child himself, having taken on the moniker Simba. 
Disney first came out with the movie in 1994 and just released a photorealistic live-action re-make.  Haskins made sure he was there for the world premiere in Los Angeles walking the red carpet with his girlfriend Savhana Cousin earlier this month.

"The new Lion King brought so many great old memories!" he tweeted. "A blessing to be a part of. "

Haskins sees many parallels in Simba. He told me before the draft that the nickname first came from when his aunt was combing out his hair saying he looked like a lion.  

Beyond that, he liked the story of the young cub going through adversity to become King.

"The story behind him growing to king, going through adversity, and having to fall to get up and that's just something that resonates with my story. Everyone sees the highs of everything but not what it takes to get there," he said.

He has even used the story for his own clothing brand as well, Kingdom of Pride. 

Haskins fell in the draft to number 15 and the Redskins but has every intention of proving he is worthy of the pick and one day winning what he declares will be multiple Super Bowls.  

That would certainly fall in line with the story of Simba taking back the kingdom.  



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Six Redskins players will be losing a good amount of salary for skipping mandatory off-season workouts

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Six Redskins players will be losing a good amount of salary for skipping mandatory off-season workouts

Each NFL player has their own way of preparing for the upcoming season. 

Russell Wilson boxes. James Harrison plays beach volleyball – with 25 lb. medicine balls

But come May 6th, teams begin a series of mandatory offseason workouts. This is a time for new teammates to get familiar and seasoned veterans to get back up to speed ahead of training camp.

The Washington Redskins had 36 in total, and required their players to attend at least 33 of them or face financial consequences. That didn't seem to faze six of Washington's biggest names. 

Josh Norman, Landon Collins, Trent Williams, Paul Richardson, Quinton Dunbar and Vernon Davis will all be losing a cut of their salary after failing to attend the minimum number of Washington's off-season workouts. 

For Norman, that's 26 business class round-trips from Reagan National Airport to Pamplona, Spain for future "Running of the Bulls." 

That being said, neither Norman nor Collins, Richardson, Dunbar and Davis are question marks for Week 1.

Williams, however, may prolong his holdout until well after the start of training camp on July 28.