RICHMOND—Su’s Cravens, the Redskins second-round draft pick, had an auspicious pro debut against the Falcons on Thursday. He stood out on defense.

:When you’re on the sideline with all the stuff going on, guys flash and pop out at you and Su’a is one of them," said Jay Gruden. "He’s all over the place."

The stat sheet credits him with four unassisted tackles and it seemed that every one of them was one on one in the open field.

After the game, Gruden had a word of caution about how Cravens’ effort may have looked on the field.

“Su’a did look like he was all over the place but I’m sure I’ll watch film and some of those plays he wasn’t where he was supposed to be,” said Gruden. “But I love his energy.”

Cravens didn’t have to watch film to know that Gruden was right.

“On a couple of plays I did my job; there were some where I was out of position,” Cravens admitted. “I just need to get more disciplined in my reads. Definitely a lot of work to go but so far, so good.”

Cravens threw some cold water on the notion that tackling is a lost art because teams don’t practice it enough. Prior to the Falcons game he hadn’t tackled live since December 30 but he didn’t have any problem getting ball carriers to the ground.


“If you’re an aggressive guy it’s just a mindset,” said Cravens. “I like to be physical. I like to let you know I might be smaller but you’re not about to just run all over me.”

Cravens is listed at 6-1, 222.

One of Cravens’ stops came on special teams, a role that is unfamiliar to him.

“I didn’t really play special teams in college so this was the first for me,” he said.. “Being able to make a play like that was pretty cool.”

Most Redskins fans thought that Cravens’ first pro game was pretty cool, too. If he keeps it up he will be a lot of fun to watch.