The Redskins got a big time win on Monday, and nowhere near a football field. The Supreme Court struck down parts of a law that bans trademarks on offensive language, and in turn, should protect the Redskins team name from legal challenges. 

Team owner Dan Snyder reacted to the news via a statement: "I am THRILLED! Hail to the Redskins."

Remember a few years back Snyder said he had no plans to change the team name despite mounting pressure from some opposition groups. Snyder famously said he would "NEVER" change the name, in all caps, so it was likely not a coincidence that Snyder used all capital letters in his statement.

In the time since, the Washington Post conducted a thorough survey of Native Americans to determine if the team name was offensive to the group. Overwhelmingly, Native Americans said they were not offended by the team name. After the survey, much of the public uproar around the team name dissipated. 

For more information on the Supreme Court ruling, click here


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