This isn't just yesterday's news, it's news from a week and a half ago.

From the Washington Post:

Wide receiver David Patten, a free agent from the New England Patriots, agreed to terms with the Washington Redskins this afternoon at Redskins Park, a club source said, and a press conference has been scheduled for tomorrow.

Details of the Patten deal were not disclosed.You may be saying to yourself, "Patten to the Skins, Patten to the Skins, where did I hear that before? In fact, where was the one and only place I heard that suggested before."

Why, it was right here at the blog, of course. From the entry posted on February 19, before there was even the first report of Coles being unhappy, there was this:
Clearly, since the team has announced that it is seeking to trade Rod Gardner, receiver would have to be considered a need. With Muhammad and Burress apparently out of the picture, who does that leave? Perhaps David Patten could be persuaded to leave the Patriots and give the Redskins a solid, blue-collar performer who could be had for a blue-collar price.Obviously, I like the signing, assuming that the blue-collar price part comes to pass as well. All is wish is that somebody would start patting me on the back so that I don't have to do it myself all the time.


Just kidding, I'll find a way to remain humble!