The demise of DeSean Jackson was greatly exaggerated.

Halfway through the Redskins season, the receiver was in the middle of a down season, on track for statistical lows in multiple categories. 

With Week 17 approaching, that narrative is long over.

Jackson is on pace for his third 1,000 yard receiving season in four years, his yards-per-catch will likely finish in the top half of his career, and in his last three games the wideout has gone for 15 catches for 327 yards and a touchdown. 

The recent run of dominant play has again raised Jackson's league-wide profile, and it's come at the perfect time. Free agency beckons for Jackson.

"I'm focused on winning the game, trying to make a push into the playoffs," Jackson said Wednesday. "I’m focused on being a Redskin and finishing strong and once free agency comes, we’ll see how it plays out."

Jackson was asked specifically about rumors linking him to the Eagles, the team that drafted him and where he played the first six seasons of his career. 

"Nothing to really say. People say what they want to say or make comments and just carry on conversations," he said on the possibility of going back to Philadelphia.

The only team Jackson did mention was Washington — and he made it clear he's enjoyed playing for the Redskins and wants to stay, but at the same time, picking his landing spot will be important. 


"First time in my career I’m going to be able to hit the free agent market, so I’m definitely intrigued about seeing what’s going to happen, test the market and see what’s going on. Who knows what happens. Hopefully I’m still here, but you never know how it plays out."


Should the Redskins lose this weekend, the season ends. That means it could be Jackson's last game in a Washington uniform.

"You really try not to get caught up in that. It’s been a great three years. I’ve had a great time here in Washington. I love the city. A lot of great times, a lot of great memories. So as far as me thinking about my time being here, if it can be my last (game), I don’t really look at it like that. We’ll see how it plays out."

Options remain to keep Jackson dressed in Burgundy and Gold. The first, and perhaps easiest, is for the 'Skins to win on Sunday and make the playoffs. The second, costlier option will be to re-sign Jackson once free agency hits. 

The question remains if the Giants will play their starters this Sunday at FedEx Field, or rest their players as New York has already clinched a playoff spot. 

"I want their best shot," Jackson said. "Hopefully we’ll be able to get into one of those great battles. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to the end, but even if it does, hopefully we’re able to do everything we can to win the game."

Beat the Giants, and fans get at least one more chance to watch Jackson wearing the Redskins jersey this season, and perhaps more. 

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