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'DeSean Jackson: Home Team' Episode 1 recap: It's finally here


'DeSean Jackson: Home Team' Episode 1 recap: It's finally here


After weeks of buildup, anticipation and buzz (not to mention a lot of promotional Instagram posts from the star of it all), "DeSean Jackson: Home Team" finally debuted Tuesday night, and it was absolutely incredible. 

The show, which aired on BET at 8:30 and ran for 30 minutes, will focus on Jackson's life off the field, including the relationship he has with his family and his other non-NFL hobbies. And the premiere certainly did not disappoint.

So whether you missed it (what were you thinking?) or just want to relive it (good call), you're in the right place, because we're here to answer the nine questions everyone is asking after the first episode of the Redskins receiver's new reality show. A lot happened in the debut of "Home Team," and these questions and answers are meant to help you digest it all. Let's dive in.

1) How soon did it take for DeSean to be shown doing something that will probably make Redskins fans mad?

Roughly two minutes. During the show's opening sequence, Jackson was shown both drinking straight from a bottle in a club and driving a very nice sports car at what appeared to be high speeds. While these images are likely to make Redskins fans mad or nervous, though, it's important to remember Jackson is an adult and allowed to enjoy his offseason.

Still, it's safe to say that a bunch of the team's supporters who were hoping the show would reveal that Jackson's offseason is a quiet one filled with days of naps and chess playing weren't happy with the episode's start.

2) What characters, other than DeSean, does the show include?

It looks like the people who will receive a lot of camera time aside from DeSean are his mom and manager Gayle, his sister A'Dreea, his brother Byron, his publicist Denise and his girlfriend Kayla (more on her later). 

3) What storylines are likely to unfold as the show progresses?

Two plot lines that seem like they'll be a main part of the next few weeks are Jackson introducing Kayla to Gayle (something he admitted he's not excited about) and the constant battle his mom and sister fight to try and keep Jackson out of trouble, or as his mom affectionately puts it, "Wrecks himself."

4) Did DeSean address his messy breakup with Philadelphia?

Oh yes, he certainly did.

It became very clear early on in the program that BET's producers aren't intent on putting a filter on Jackson or any other member of the show's cast, so there were a lot of great quotes throughout the premiere's 30 minutes. Most quotes didn't have to do with Jackson's football life, but at one point, he did open up about the way his Philadelphia career ended.

"The Eagles, they tried to blow me up because of where I came from" Jackson said while in a music studio with his friends. "That's cold, bro."

Unfortunately, Chip Kelly wasn't featured in the debut of "Home Team," so he couldn't give his side of the story. Maybe he'll be on next week.

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5) Did he have any other notable quotes?

A few others stood out, but none more than this gem: When Gayle and A'Dreea came into DeSean's studio and interrupted one of his sessions, Jackson was not pleased.

"I was turnt up," he said. "And they tried to turn my level down."

6) Does DeSean like doing chores around the house?

It sure doesn't seem like it. His mom was upset that Jackson had dirty dishes in his sink and hadn't gotten around to fixing a door in his house. Even when you lead the NFL in yards per catch and have blazing speed, there's no escaping a mom's wrath. 

7) What was the most crucial thing that happened in episode one?

It was, without a doubt, DeSean telling Denise that Kayla is pregnant. The secret was revealed right at the show's conclusion, and Jackson is clearly not thrilled with the prospect of having to tell his mom (who has only met Kayla once, DeSean said). 

Jackson is known for using his agility and footwork to get out of tough situations, but even he doesn't want to try and maneuver himself through this scenario. All tremendous programs end on cliffhangers, and in finishing the show after dropping this bomb on the audience, "Home Team" is no different.

8) Did DeSean infringe on any nicknames of past Redskins receivers?

Whether he was aware of it or not, Jackson overstepped his boundaries at one point of "Home Team," and called himself a moniker that belongs to a former Skins wideout.

Redskins Twitter had a mini meltdown when DeSean dubbed himself "The Cowboy Killer," which is a name that was bestowed upon team legend Santana Moss long ago. But this is DeSean's show, and on DeSean's show, DeSean can call himself whatever he wants. 

9) Would the show be better if it was 3 hours instead of only 30 minutes?

Absolutely. BET needs to lengthen the program's length and, if possible, make it a nightly part of America's TV guide. "Home Team" was awesome. Give it an Emmy already. In fact, give it all the Emmy's. 

Will DeSean tell his mom about Kayla's pregnancy? Will Gayle and A'Dreea let the receiver do his own thing, or continue to try and control him? And will the show's star ever get around to doing his dishes? Join us in the same place next week as we review the second episode of "Home Team." Until then, we'll be eagerly awaiting next Tuesday.

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