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'DeSean Jackson: Home Team' Episode 2 recap: No more secrets


'DeSean Jackson: Home Team' Episode 2 recap: No more secrets


Is it just me, or did the 167 and a half hours in between the conclusion of last week's "DeSean Jackson: Home Team" and the beginning of this week's second episode drag on like nobody's business? 

Ever since the cliffhanger that ended last Tuesday's episode, the show's fans have been left to twiddle their thumbs and wonder what is going to happen to our favorite Redskins receiver. Tonight, thankfully, we got a few answers.

To recap all that went down in another 30 riveting minutes of reality television, we're going to answer the eight questions that everyone's asking after episode two of "Home Team." Like last weeks' review, these should help you further understand everything that occurred, and if you were crazy enough to not be in front of the T.V. from 8:30-9 (that's absolutely inexcusable and should never happen again, by the way) they'll help you catch up. Let's get going.


1) Did DeSean finally tell his mom that his girlfriend Kayla is pregnant?

Sure, the shots of DeSean working out and hanging out with his friends were fun, but all episode long, everyone who tuned in were waiting for one thing, and one thing only: The time when DeSean finally tells his mom that his girlfriend of six months is pregnant. And with the episode coming to a close, it looked like the show's audience would have to wait another week before the secret was revealed. But with just seconds left on the clock, DeSean finally let the cat out of the bag.

Right before the final credits, the Redskins receiver invited his mom Gayle over for a one-on-one dinner. The scene was a tense one -- Gayle kept making references to living with kids, which caused DeSean to grow "more nervous by the second" and wonder whether she already knew. Those comments were just a coincidence, though, so Jackson had break the news himself.

"I've been trying to figure out how to tell you [this]," he said. "I need to be a man about this situation. How would you feel if I told you that Kayla's pregnant?"

So how did Gayle react? Well, that's this week's cliffhanger. Aside from a two second long death stare from Mrs. Jackson, we are unsure how she feels about her son having a child. And we thought the wait for this week's episode was long. How are we going to last until next Tuesday?

2) Did he talk about what he wants his child to do when they grow up?

He sure did. Jackson was talking to a bunch of his friends early on in the thirty minute show and said, "If it's a boy, he's going to the league." Notice to all parents planning to help their future kids become NFL cornerbacks: choose a different profession, because DeSean Jackson II will make your kids hate their job. 

3) Any update on whether DeSean likes doing household chores?

In "Home Team's" debut, DeSean's distaste for household chores was very evident. But this week, #11 did a complete 180 in regards to doing things around the home.

The three-time Pro-Bowler made his mom a tremendous meal ahead of the big reveal, and was even shown washing dishes at one point. It was a truly shocking twist, and man, that salad looked good.  

4) Do information leaks contaminate his off the field life as much as they affect his on the field life?

It would certainly seem so, which is unfortunate for Jackson. Playing for the Redskins means that he is constantly surrounded by locker room leaks that create turmoil in the locker room and make everyone's life harder. And as it turns out, leaks rear their ugly head in Jackson's personal life as well.

In the middle of the show, Jackson wanted to go to a bowling alley and knock down a few pins with his friends. That's it. Just some good ol' fashioned fun. But, because of course this happens, a leak ruined the trip: Someone tipped off the paparazzi, who ended up infiltrating DeSean's hang out and put him in a bad mood with their nosiness for the rest of the day.

"I hate paparazzi," DeSean said, seething. "They need to stay out of my space."   

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5) How far does DeSean have to go to get his hair taken care of?

Not far. Jackson actually gets his hair handled in his own living room. An easy commute for a player who lives in D.C. for much of the year.

6) Did DeSean do anything this week that would scare Redskins fans like he did last week?

Cranky Redskins fans who think DeSean should just sit in a quiet room and watch episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" all offseason, you're in luck; this episode contained far less dangerous activities for the team's number one offensive weapon than last Tuesday's premiere.

The only thing that DeSean did that was remotely nerve wracking was perform a few backflips in his backyard pool. He nailed them both, though, and when you compare them to his driving sports cars at high speeds and drinking straight from the bottle at a club shenanigans that we saw last week, they don't look so bad.

7) Speaking of the club, how much does DeSean spend in an average night while out on the town? 

His sister A'Dreea took Jackson aside to discuss his finances in one scene, and wasn't too pleased with how much money DeSean dropped during his club outings. She mentioned two instances, in which the receiver spent $2,000 and $5,000, and cautioned him to slow down. 

She then asked him what he buys for that much money, and his response was simple. "Alcohol," said DeSean. "I'm in the offseason, I'm gonna enjoy it."

8) Could a normal, non-NFL athlete hang with Jackson during one of his offseason workouts?

Nope. No chance, in fact. DeSean took a few of his buddies with him to run hills with him under the hot California sun, and the results weren't pretty. DeSean easily outpaced his crew, and one of his pals took about three steps up the steep slope before dropping to his knees and vomiting. It didn't look very fun.

What will Gayle say about DeSean's baby news? Will we finally get our first extended look at Kayla? And will the paparazzi screw up another fun trip for the 28-year-old? Join us in the same place next week as we review the third episode of "Home Team." Until then, we'll be eagerly awaiting next Tuesday.

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Need to Know: What’s the outlook for the Redskins’ secondary in 2018?

USA Today Sports Images

Need to Know: What’s the outlook for the Redskins’ secondary in 2018?

Here is what you need to know on this Monday, June 25, 31 days before the Washington Redskins start training camp.  

Fan questions—The secondary

To be sure, there are reasons to be concerned about the secondary and we’ll get into those in a bit. But the popular notion that the secondary struggled last year is not accurate.

Do you want to go standard stats? They were ninth in the league in passing yards allowed and 10th in opponent passer rating last year.

Do you prefer more advanced analytics? They were sixth in defensive passing DVOA and 11th in adjusted net yards per attempt.

That’s not a great pass defense but it was a pretty good one. It should be noted that they also benefited from a solid pass rush; they were seventh in the league in sack percentage. Still, you don’t finish in the top third of the league in pass defense without at least a competent secondary.

The question is, will it remain competent? Kendall Fuller was indeed a key player, one of the best slot corners in the league. Bashaud Breeland was inconsistent, but he did shine on occasion. But the fact that he is still available as a free agent indicates what the league thinks of him, problems passing the physical notwithstanding. Those two will have to be replaced.

It is likely that Quinton Dunbar will take Breeland’s spot on the outside. That is at worst a lateral exchange if not an improvement. Dunbar has been working for three years to get this opportunity and there is confidence among the coaches and, perhaps more importantly, the players that he is ready.

Orlando Scandrick is the probable starter at slot. He is a downgrade from Fuller, no question about it. If he is healthy—a big if—Scandrick is good enough to get the job done. Don’t let the star he wore on the side of his helmet for so many years blind you to the fact that he’s a solid player.

The depth at slot consists of second-year player Josh Holsey, who played all of nine snaps on defense last year, and rookie Greg Stroman. That’s not ideal but most of the other teams in the NFL have a similar depth chart.

The wild card who could be the difference between this secondary being better than last year or worse is Fabian Moreau. He played only 59 defensive snaps as a rookie but he did show off his speed and hard-hitting style on some of his 349 special teams snaps. During the offseason practices that were open to the media, Moreau was mostly Josh Norman’s backup at left cornerback. The feeling is that he won’t remain a reserve. We will have to see how things sort out during training camp.

There should be some improvement at safety if Montae Nicholson figures out how to stay on the field in his second year. If he struggles with injuries again and Deshazor Everett has to line up alongside D.J. Swearinger for a good chunk of the season, the safeties are no worse off because that's what happened last year. 

The bottom line is that a secondary that was good last year may take a step down in 2018 but the decline should not be steep. And if Moreau can be the player the organization thought he could be when they used a third-round pick for him, it could be just as good if not better.

Stay up to date on the Redskins. Rich Tandler covers the team 365 days a year. Like his Facebook page, and follow him on Twitter  @TandlerNBCS and on Instagram @RichTandler.

Tandler on Twitter

I tweeted this in response to a discussion about the relative popularity of the NFL and NBA. Albert Breer’s tweet on the TV ratings for the leagues’ respective drafts was the nexus of the discussion.


Redskins cornerback Josh Holsey was born on this date in 1994.

Days until:

—Training camp starts (7/26) 31
—Preseason opener @ Patriots (8/9) 45
—Roster cut to 53 (9/1) 59

The Redskins last played a game 176 days ago. They will open the 2018 NFL season at the Cardinals in 76 days.

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Jay Gruden wants excellent play from Alex Smith, but he also expects personal responsibility


Jay Gruden wants excellent play from Alex Smith, but he also expects personal responsibility

As June minicamp concluded, Redskins head coach Jay Gruden pulled no punches when asked about expectations for new quarterback Alex Smith. 

"He has got to get it down by the first game," Gruden said of Smith. 

While that might not sound overly demanding, remember this is Smith's first season in Washington. The QB will be playing with new teammates and implementing new terminology. 

Still, Smith is a veteran with a lot of experience, and frankly, it seems like Gruden isn't worried about a transition period. 

"We are not in here to build the team around him, the team is built and he has to lead it like right now," the coach said. "This isn’t a two- or three-year process. This is a one-year process and we have got to win right away."

Gruden made things quite clear. He expects the best from Smith, yesterday. 

Those comments created headlines, but there was something else the coach said about his passer that also stood out. Asked about Smith's veteran presence, Gruden talked about what the quarterback might mean for his teammates. 

"The whole job a quarterback has is obviously getting the most out of the people around you. That’s what I think he does as good as anybody," Gruden said. "He’ll get the most out of the tight ends. He’ll get the most out of the backs."

The coach continued, and things got a bit more interesting.

"He’ll get the most out of the receivers and offensive line because they’re going to want to play for him and they’re going to feel confident that he’s going to make something happen in a positive way or at least give it everything he’s got and take responsibility if something doesn’t work out."

Redskins fans are often a weirdly divided bunch. Many liked former QB Kirk Cousins but plenty did not think he was worth the type of money he was paid the last two seasons. Along the way, some fans will read Gruden's comments about making something happen and taking responsibility as a jab at Cousins. That's probably wrong. 

Remember, Trent Williams played through a serious knee injury last season. Asked why, Williams said he wanted to be out there to protect Cousins. Guys played for Cousins. 

The responsibility comment might mean something else, though. There was a rather hostile back-and-forth last season between Gruden and Cousins last season when the QB and coach disagreed about taking more risks with the football. A quick reminder of the scene: Cousins told a reporter that he would throw 20 interceptions if he played like Gruden wanted. The coach responded that while the interceptions might pile up, the QB would also throw 60 touchdowns. (Relive it here)

Throughout his career, Smith has thrown fewer interceptions than Cousins. But that doesn't mean Smith doesn't take risks or put his receivers in position to make plays. 

It's entirely possible Gruden simply expects Smith, a veteran, to be a responsible player and leader. And it's likely that comment had nothing to do with the Redskins previous quarterbacks. 

The bottom line is that Smith better be ready to go Week 1, and his coach made that clear. And if Smith isn't, Gruden expects his quarterback to take responsibility. 


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