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Did RG3 use Instagram to respond to his critics?


Did RG3 use Instagram to respond to his critics?


Washington's season doesn't start until September 13 and training camp is still a week away, but Robert Griffin III has already taken a significant beating since the end of last year, especially recently.

He's been ranked 31st out of all starting quarterbacks. He's had someone anonymously say that "he is done." And he's had to deal with people questioning whether he should be the Redskins starter every day since the conclusion of the 2014 season.

To his credit, Griffin has mostly stayed quiet this offseason, choosing to shirk his critics and instead focus simply on becoming a better player. But on Wednesday, #10 may have finally responded to the doubters who have spent the summer months passing less than favorable judgement about him, albeit in an indirect way.

The fourth-year pro posted three separate times on Instagram, all within a few hours of each other. First up was this excerpt from the Bible:

Have a blessed day peeps!

A photo posted by Robert Griffin III (@rgiii) on Jul 22, 2015 at 6:17am PDT

Then, two hours later, RG3 posted a photo of him and his teammates along with a few lyrics from Tupac Shakur's song "Only God Can Judge Me:"

Name that song....#HTTR #MyBrothers #CantWait

A photo posted by Robert Griffin III (@rgiii) on Jul 22, 2015 at 8:26am PDT

And finally, "RG3 Instagram Posts In One Day" sent out a picture with a quote from author C.S. Lewis, as well as a long caption to go with it:

A teammate once told me that every day we wake up we have to leave "self" in the bed. Leave "self" in the bed and go out and get to know people, help people & inspire. Not for "self" but for everybody else. C. S. Lewis believed you don't have to think less of yourself to be humble. You just need to think about yourself less and others more. Both statements go hand in hand. I appreciate these reminders every day from Jason Hatcher & C. S. Lewis. Let us all strive for true humility every day! God Bless #KnowYourWhy #ItsNotAboutMe

A photo posted by Robert Griffin III (@rgiii) on Jul 22, 2015 at 12:03pm PDT

While it's tough to say that Griffin put up these things on Instagram to quiet his critics, there are parts in each post that certainly look like they're little jabs from the 25-year-old to his detractors. The timing of them would also suggest that RG3 has in fact been seeing all the negative talk about him.

Griffin's first post talks about "working for the Lord, not for human masters." Could he be saying that he doesn't care what his haters think?

Griffin's second post looks like the most direct shot at those disparaging his abilities, as he quotes a part of Tupac's song that says, "The media is full of dirty tricks." Out of all the lyrics in the world, it seems pretty apparent why Griffin chose that one.

And though Griffin's third post is probably the most harmless of the three, it could be a veiled message to the people who think he's a bit selfish. Either that, or he's trying to show the world that Skins defensive lineman is a big fan of humility.

No, Griffin didn't come out on Wednesday and address his doubters head on, but it appears that he's at least listening to them. And with the 2015 season almost upon us, Griffin will soon be able to try and prove them wrong on the field instead of slyly acknowledging them on social media.

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After viral 2018 scuffle, Taylor Lewan offers to make peace with Josh Norman

After viral 2018 scuffle, Taylor Lewan offers to make peace with Josh Norman

Redskins cornerback Josh Norman and Titans tackle Taylor Lewan got into a widely-discussed altercation after Washington's Week 16 loss to Tennesse last season.

But on Thursday, Lewan said he's finally ready to let bygones be bygones. 

Lewan tweeted he wants Norman to come on the "Bussin' With The Boys" podcast he co-hosts with former Redskins linebacker Will Compton to "settle our differences."

Judging by what happened last December, there are plenty of differences: Norman threw his helmet at Lewan after the latter approached him, Lewan later accusing Norman of trying to hurt Titans running back Derrick Henry.

"I'm not worried about Josh Norman, man," Lewan told reporters after the incident. "I'm an offensive lineman, he's a [defensive back]. I don't know who that is."

"I was pissed. He was trying to hurt Derrick [Henry]. That's BS. That’s not the way football’s supposed to be played, man. It’s not our fault you’re not relevant anymore."

"Why would you come to another man's sideline?" Norman said of the dust-up. "And then after you won a game, you pick fun at the player that is relevant. You go out of your way to come to his bench, his sideline, to go at him in that kind of way."

"We're not having it. We will not tolerate disrespect. That's zero tolerance for that. That was the ultimate disrespect. You just don't do that."

The incident happened months ago, so it's about time the pair made peace. And as an ex-Redskin and ex-Titan, perhaps Compton can help mend the fences. But if Norman does accept Lewan's invitation to come on the podcast, we might be in for even more verbal fireworks. 


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PHOTOS: Alex Smith makes an appearance during the Redskins' third day of OTAs

USA TODAY Sports Images

PHOTOS: Alex Smith makes an appearance during the Redskins' third day of OTAs

Considering how serious that November leg injury was and how difficult the subsequent surgeries were, any time you see Alex Smith out, about and smiling, it's encouraging.

On Thursday, the Redskins posted a couple of pictures of Smith helping out at the team's third day of OTAs. The QB was photographed hanging out with coaches and even tossing a football:

You can't tell in the pictures whether Smith is still wearing the external fixator on his right leg, but regardless of whether he is or not, it's still great to see him in Ashburn around the organization. 

It remains unclear what kind of role Smith will have with the 'Skins in 2019. However, if he's willing, he'd be an ideal mentor for Dwayne Haskins and overall a positive influence on the entire roster, seeing as many players don't hesitate to praise the leadership he displayed in 2018.