Redskins fans certainly remember a melee that broke out two seasons ago in Philadelphia during a 37-34 loss. Eagles QB Nick Foles threw what appeared to be an interception to Bashaud Breeland, Redskins defensive lineman Chris Baker put a big hit on Foles during the return, and chaos ensued.

The altercation resulted in an ejection for Baker, and, well, Swaggy hasn't forgotten the incident. (Full video here)

"When I got thrown out the game I think somebody threw a Philly cheesesteak at me," Baker told CSN last week during a Facebook Live broadcast (Full video here). "That's Philadelphia."

Baker's conversation routed to the Philly fight only upon his confession of being a Cowboys fan growing up. 

"I grew up in the 90s, that's when Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, the whole offensive line was the best thing in America," Baker said. "Don't kill me."

The fond feelings have definitely passed between Baker and the Cowboys, highlighted last December when Baker registered a sack in a blowout win in Jerry World.

"It's a better feeling when I play the Cowboys and do good against them because it was the team I looked up to growing up," he said. "I always get a bit extra hype for that game."


Asked if the Cowboys are the game Baker now looks most forward to, the 6 foot 2 defensive tackle explained all the NFC East opponents bring out his best.

"Every division game you circle. You gotta have a genuine hate for each of the division teams."

Statistics back up Swaggy's claim, as nearly 70 percent of his 2015 sack total came against the Eagles, Giants or Cowboys. In particular, the abuse from Philly fans directed at Baker may not be the best idea, as Swaggy collected two sacks and two tackles in two games against the Eagles last season.

Even with a "genuine hate" for all NFC East opponents, pressed what team he dislikes most, Baker remembered that 2014 ejection.

"Probably Philadelphia," Baker said, "because I fought the most with them."

The fight reminded Baker of another incident in the City of Brotherly Love, when the Redskins team bus was pelted with eggs.

"Got off the highway and next thing you know they got eggs hitting our bus. Boom," Baker said. "That's Philadelphia for you."