Enemy Intel: NFC East goes out of division


The NFC East goes out of division today as I take my weekly Redskins-centric look around the NFL.

—The Cowboys are hosting the Ravens in a 1 p.m. game (BTW every team playing Thanksgiving has an early start tomorrow except for, well, you know who). The strength against strength to watch here is the Dallas rushing attack vs. the Ravens defense. Baltimore is No. 1 in the league in both rushing yards allowed and average per carry against. The Ravens have had a couple of hiccups, allowing 145 yards on the ground to the Browns and 155 to the Jets but other than those two games no team has rushed for more than 65 yards in a game this year. Led by Ezekiel Elliott the Cowboys are third in the league in rushing yards and have logged at least 100 yards in every game so far. If Zeke can’t run can Dak Prescott carry the team?

—Tony Romo handing the reigns of the Cowboys to Prescott was a classy thing to do. He could have split the locker room by stirring the pot behind the scenes to try to get his job back. If I’m the Redskins I’d much rather face Prescott on Thanksgiving than Romo. Although fans love to trash him, Romo is a damn good quarterback, not quite elite but very, very good. Prescott is doing what he is asked to do well but I don’t think he can carry the team if needed, at least not for any extended period of time. We’ll see how this unfolds the rest of the season; I have to think that Romo will be called upon at some point.



—The Giants probably have the easiest task of all the teams in the division, a home date against the 2-7 Bears. They have this one and next week’s game against the Browns to fatten up some before a tough closing schedule that has a game at the Steelers and then four against teams with winning records, including the Redskins in the season finale.

—On the other end of the spectrum is the assignment the Eagles have. They are headed to Seattle. Teams have been able to run some against the Seahawks and since Philly has a pretty good rushing attack as long as Darren Sproles holds up they might be able to give the Seahawks a game. It would be difficult to call on Carson Wentz to beat Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and company. Philly shouldn’t count on getting any help from the Seahawks. Seattle has turned ball over just once in October and November.


—The Chiefs stunning rally in Carolina got me my first win in a few weeks; I have them +3. I lost with the Patriots losing outright as favorites over the Seahawks and the Falcons losing outright to the Eagles. I continue undeterred taking three favorites with the Cowboys -7 against the Ravens, the Seahawks -6.5 against the Eagles and the Redskins giving a field goal to Green Bay.