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Ex-Redskin, Patriot: Gibbs' achievements top what Belichick has done

Ex-Redskin, Patriot: Gibbs' achievements top what Belichick has done

It's a debate that often comes up when a successful coach and a legendary player are paired up and dominate an era together: How much of the credit belongs to the man on the sidelines?

That particular question seems to surface a lot when Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are the duo being discussed (with another example being Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan), and it did again in a Tuesday interview between the Sports Junkies and ex-NFL player and current football analyst Ross Tucker. 

And that's when Tucker — who played under Belichick during his career but also briefly suited up for Joe Gibbs in 2007 — argued that, considering who each coach had under center during their terrific runs, Gibbs deserves more credit for his accomplishments out of the two.

"I'm not saying this is against Belichick," Tucker said. "Probably the most impressive coach gameplan wise that I've played for. But, for me, I look at what Gibbs did... three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks that are not Hall of Famers. Like, that is crazy, and will never be duplicated."

"So I understand Belichick's had more sustained success," he continued. "I'll also say this, though: Then Gibbs came back, and went to the playoffs with Mark Brunell and Jason Campbell/Todd Collins the year I was on the team... As great as Belichick is, he's doing it with a guy that's clearly the best quarterback of all-time, and even Bill Walsh had it with Montana. 

"To me, I'm still going with Gibbs."


Now, Tucker's claims will be met with skepticism from plenty, and the Junkies were quick to voice theirs.

"I just think it comes down to hardware when you start listing greatest of all-time," Jason Bishop responded, giving a nod to Belichick's five titles as New England's boss.

"And early years of Brady, he wasn't carrying the team," JP Flaim added. "It was a totally different type of Brady in those early years, he was more of a game manager and they had a great defense. And I'll say this, when Brady went down that one year [in 2008], they were 11-5."

But Tucker stood firm in his argument that Belichick still owes a ton of his results to his signal caller, while Gibbs never had anyone close to Brady's caliber yet still captured three rings. To reinforce his angle, the former lineman pointed out that Belichick only had one winning season with the Browns out of four, and he didn't make the postseason with the Pats in 2000 before Brady's ascension.  

Unfortunately, there's obviously no way to fully prove which of the two icons is superior. However, Tucker hinted that he might be more inclined to change his mind if the two Patriots leaders split up and head their separate ways.

"Look, all I want is for Brady and Belichick to break up, like, tomorrow," he said, "so we can see both those guys do it other places."

The Gibbs over Belichick take may be controversial, but the rest of the NFL can at least agree with that part of Tucker's interview.


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Terry McLaurin continues to dominate the Eagles with an electric 75-yard touchdown

USA Today Sports Images

Terry McLaurin continues to dominate the Eagles with an electric 75-yard touchdown

In Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season, Terry McLaurin introduced himself to opposing defenses, specifically the Eagles secondary, as he racked up 125 yards and a touchdown on five receptions.

Since then, the rookie receiver has continued to showcase his talent, establishing himself as Washington's No. 1 target and a pass catcher that all teams should fear. Through incredible catches and strong runs after the receptions, he's shown he can do it all.

So with the Eagles coming to town in Week 15 for a divisional battle, what would he do for an encore? It didn't take long for Philadelphia to find out.

Catching a pass from Dwayne Haskins on a slant, McLaurin turned upfield, left the secondary in the dust and sprinted into the end zone for a 75-yard score to give Washington a 7-3 lead in the first half.

Not only did the touchdown show McLaurin's ability, but it also displayed the growing connection between him and Haskins. Teammates in college, the two are still continuing to get more comfortable with each other. Plays like that are a sign of things to come, something that will please Redskins fans and even get a smile out of their former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, who was reportedly in attendance for Sunday's game.

If McLaurin is doing this in his rookie year, the Eagles are not going to enjoy the coming years.


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Trent Williams shares video of dog after reported fight that killed neighbor's dog

USA TODAY Sports Images

Trent Williams shares video of dog after reported fight that killed neighbor's dog

One of Trent Williams’ dogs involved in a fight with his neighbor’s dog received stitches on several deep cuts after the incident, according to a video shared by Williams on Twitter.

Redskins running back Derrius Guice posted a video of Williams' pitbull on Twitter. Williams quote- tweeted it on his account, echoing Guice’s statement with shouting emojis.

Warning: The video, which is linked here, is graphic and may be disturbing to some readers. 

The fight, which occurred in Missouri City, Texas, resulted in the death of the neighbor’s dog, Sandy. Williams' neighbors told local TV station ABC 13 that the dogs at his house are a menace to the neighborhood. "We've been here three years, and I'll definitely tell you my family and I feel like prisoners in our own neighborhood," said neighbor Cecelia Hernandez.

Williams defended his pets, telling ABC 13 that Sandy sent the dog she attacked to the veterinarian’s office fighting for its life. The procedures cost about $5,000 in medical bills.

Local police and animal control are no longer investigating the incident. Neither Williams nor his neighbors were charged.