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A fair deal would make Kirk Cousins forget all issues with Redskins, Rapoport says

A fair deal would make Kirk Cousins forget all issues with Redskins, Rapoport says

With the franchise tag deadline coming in a matter of days, the way Kirk Cousins views the Redskins is being scrutinized, examined and (insert any other -ed word that means looked at closely), and it has been that way in the DMV for quite some time now.

Does Cousins feel slighted that the team has taken so long to make what he views is a reasonable deal, and is that hindering negotiations? What does the 28-year-old really think about his head coach and the front office? And would the quarterback sign here even if he received a massive offer, or does he simply not like it in Washington?

But during an appearance on CSN's #RedskinsTalk Podcast, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport told JP Finlay he feels that a certain something would help Cousins forget any lingering resentment or issues he has with the Redskins. Just like that, they'd be gone.


"If they pay him what he's worth, I would imagine that he would be very happy to be there," Rapoport said when Finlay asked what he's heard about Cousins' desire to stay with the 'Skins long term, before explaining that if Cousins does agree to a deal by Monday, he'd be doing so with a team that's slowly rising.

"This is an organization that I think over the last couple of years has done things a lot better," Rapoport said. "Certainly has drafted better. The Scot McCloughan thing was not good, but this last draft seems to have been very good without Scot... Free agency I think was pretty good. They got one of the steals in free agency in Terrelle Pryor. Things seem to be going in the right direction for the Redskins despite a couple bumps in the road." 

All of that does seem to be true, even though the NFL is a league that's difficult to predict. Yet it still comes down to the fact that Cousins is the one who'll have to decide to sign his name at the bottom of an extension, which may not happen regardless of how Washington's future looks.


Rapoport, however, was firm in his stance that simply and fairly rewarding him for his performance over the last couple of seasons would do a lot to erase any tension.

"Now, is Cousins frustrated by why he doesn't already have a long-term extension? I'm sure he is. I would be, too" he said. "But I don't think any of that matters as much as strictly the numbers, because if you get a long-term contract, all of that fades away very, very quickly, and we've seen it over and over and over in the NFL." 

For more of the podcast and Rapoport's thoughts on Cousins, including what a potential deal would look like and what percentage he gives that one does indeed happen, check out the links below.

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New pieces on offense lead to plenty of questions for Redskins at OTAs

New pieces on offense lead to plenty of questions for Redskins at OTAs

Alex Smith in, Kirk Cousins out.

That's certainly the headline, but there are plenty of other questions for the Redskins, particularly on the offensive side of the ball.

For the last two seasons, most of the questions going into OTAs for Washington came from the defensive side of the ball. After consecutive drafts with a first-round defensive lineman selection, the defense should be much improved. 

On offense, however, there are a lot of new parts. 

  1. The headliner - No position in sports is as important as NFL quarterback. This will be Alex Smith's first action in a Redskins uniform with media present. The 34-year-old veteran is coming off the best season of his career, and if he can continue that level of accuracy and play-making, the Redskins could be poised for an explosive year.
  2. The speedster - Washington's wideouts lacked separation in 2017. It was apparent through much of the year, and likely played a roll in some of Kirk Cousins' reluctance to make tough throws. Free agent addition Paul Richardson is supposed to help, immediately. He has elite deep speed and the 'Skins brass hopes he can bring a similar element to the offense that DeSean Jackson provided a few years back. Time to prove it Paul. 
  3. The injuries - There are big reasons for concern, namely two very large men in Jordan Reed and Trent Williams. Reed will not participate in OTAs, and has been dealing with a foot/toe injury for the better part of a year. Williams, who seems highly unlikely to attend OTAs, underwent knee surgery in January. Beyond Smith, Reed and Williams are probably the two most important offensive players on the Redskins. OTAs aren't important, Reed and Williams participating, or even attending, OTAs is not important. Both men being healthy and ready to go in September is quite important. 
  4. The Rookie - Has Derrius Guice become the most popular player on the Redskins? Maybe. The dynamic rookie running back, with an interesting draft weekend slide, has the charisma and ability to be a star. The "off-field concerns" that hurt his draft status seem like myths at this point, but there was some injury concern his junior season at LSU (see video above). Guice has an opportunity to be a huge part of the Redskins offense, and all eyes will be watching the rookie. 
  5. The leap? - In 2017, Josh Doctson showed flashes of the player that warranted a first-round pick in 2016. Will 2018 be the year he proves it, week after week, game after game? Getting off to a good start with Smith should help, and even more important would be an injury-free offseason. 

There are questions for the defense too, particularly at cornerback after Josh Norman, but this year, the offense has more new parts. 


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Derrius Guice saw 'Avengers' on Monday night — and brought a bunch of Redskins fans with him

Derrius Guice saw 'Avengers' on Monday night — and brought a bunch of Redskins fans with him

Those who are worried about Derrius Guice's character picked up some added evidence when, on Monday night, the Redskins rookie invited a bunch of fans to watch Avengers with him in Ashburn.

Man, what is this guy's deal?

First of all, not everyone likes superheroes. So how did he know that those who joined him actually wanted to see Avengers?  Did he even ask? What if they wanted to see that really successful, really funny, really well-regarded Amy Schumer comedy, instead?

Then, there's the issue of Guice buying tickets and concessions for those who showed up.

Some people enjoy buying movie tickets — which are absolutely reasonably priced these days — and, as far as the concessions, seriously? Candy? Popcorn? He could've at least offered to buy something healthier, like broccoli. All movie theaters have broccoli.  

Thankfully, those who took Guice up on his invitation weren't grateful for the experience at all, which hopefully means this will be the last time he orchestrates a dastardly deed like this one:

At this point, it's a surprise Guice didn't slide even farther down in the draft, like to the 15th round. Unbelievable.