As should be expected when a team goes 8-7-1, there were plenty of good moments and a lot of frustrating times during the Redskins’ 2016 season. Over the next couple of weeks, Redskins Insiders Rich Tandler and JP Finlay will take detailed looks at the 10 best plays of 2016 and at the 10 worst.

No. 8 best play of 2016

Redskins vs. Packers Week 11

2:30 left in Q4, Redskins ball at their own 30, 2nd and 8, Redskins leading 35-24

Rob Kelley right end to GB 4 for 66 yards (Ladarius Gunter).

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Tandler: The Redskins had held a lead since late in the second quarter but Aaron Rodgers and the Packers kept hanging around. The Redskins were just trying to pick up a first down but Kelley ran through a weak tackle attempt, dodged a defensive back, and bolted down the right side before an ankle tackle got him at the four. Kelley was deprived of the touchdown only momentarily as he ran it in on the next play, putting a bow on the most important win of the year.

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Finlay: Any football fan who has watched the last two weekends of the NFL playoffs knows just how dangerous Aaron Rodgers can be with the ball in his hands late in a game. Rob Kelley's long run eliminated that danger, as he burst through the Packers defense and sealed a huge victory for the Redskins. This game, and the few days leading up to the Cowboys game on Thanksgiving that followed, marked the high point in the 'Skins season. The team had a 6-3-1 record and had just vanquished Green Bay, avenging a playoff loss to the Packers some 10 months earlier. I disagree with Tandler that this was the most important win of the year - that distinction came in the Week 3 victory over the Giants - but it was the best win of the year.


10 best plays countdown

10 worst plays countdown


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