As should be expected when a team goes 8-7-1, there were plenty of good moments and a lot of frustrating times during the Redskins’ 2016 season. Over the next couple of weeks, Redskins Insiders Rich Tandler and JP Finlay will take detailed looks at the 10 best plays of 2016 and at the 10 worst.

No. 9 best play of 2016

Redskins at Giants Week 3

3:33 left in Q3, Redskins ball 4th and 12 at their own 48, Redskins trailing 24-23

Tress Way pass deep left to Quinton Dunbar to NYG 21 for 31 yards (Dwayne Harris).

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Tandler: The first thing you have to like here is Gruden’s guts in going for it in that situation. The field position was good but they had 12 yards to go. Way took a step like he was going to punt and launched a pass deep down the left side near the sideline. The throw was accurate for a punter’s attempt but the Giants’ Trevin Wade was right with Dunbar. The former receiver turned back inside and made a nice catch while falling to the ground. The Redskins’ drive continued and on the first play of the fourth quarter Dustin Hopkins’ field goal put the Redskins ahead to stay.

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Finlay: Few plays make the entire press box react, but this fake punt did just that. The down and distance, and the 'Skins situation in the early season, combined with the laser of a pass thrown by Tress Way, proved to be a key turning point in the game. Winning in New York was imperative; the 'Skins had already dropped to 0-2 on the year and could not afford to go to 0-3. Beating the Giants launched Washington on a four-game win streak, and it would not have been possible without Way's pass or a really great catch from Dunbar. Remember, Dunbar also had an interception in that game, quite the effort for the second-year wideout turned cornerback. 

10 best plays countdown

10 worst plays countdown


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