As should be expected when a team goes 8-7-1, there were plenty of good moments and a lot of frustrating times during the Redskins’ 2016 season. Over the next couple of weeks, Redskins Insiders Rich Tandler and JP Finlay will take detailed looks at the 10 best plays of 2016 and at the 10 worst.

No. 5 best play of 2016

Redskins at Eagles Week 14

0:21 left in Q4, Eagles ball at their Redskins 14, 2nd and 10, Redskins leading 27-22

Carson Wentz sacked at WAS 22 for -8 yards (Ryan Kerrigan). FUMBLES (Kerrigan) [Kerrigan], RECOVERED by WAS-Trent Murphy at WAS 27. Murphy to WAS 34 for 7 yards (Ryan Mathews).

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Tandler: The Redskins were trying desperately to end a two-game losing streak but the Eagles just wouldn’t go away. Washington scored the go-ahead touchdown on a Chris Thompson run but then had to keep the Eagles out of the end zone to secure the win. The Redskins did but just barely. The rookie Wentz drove his team into the red zone. The drama finally ended when Kerrigan blew past Philly’s third-string tackle and knocked the ball away from Wentz. Murphy scooped it up and a key win that was much more tense than it should have been was in the books.

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Finlay: This game started bad for the Redskins, as the Eagles took the opening kick and scored, a troubling trend for Washington in the back half of the season. Eventually, the Redskins offense looked like it was poised to take control, only to have Kirk Cousins throw a bad out route that got turned around for a Pick 6. Late in the game, needing a score desperately to break a losing streak and climb back into playoff contention, the 'Skins delivered. Then, more drama as the rookie drove the length of the field before Kerrigan's sack ended the Philly comeback hopes. When folks incorrectly say that Kerrigan's 11 sack total didn't amount to much game impact, remind them of this play. 

10 best plays countdown

10 worst plays countdown


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