The Redskins are looking for help along the defensive line and they had one of the best in draft in for a visit this week.

Malik McDowell of Michigan State was at Redskins Park on Wednesday. Opinions on the 6-6, 295-lb. McDowell vary widely. Some see him as a sure-fire first-round pick. Others believe he could slide into the second round.

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The forecasts vary because McDowell’s play was inconsistent from game to game, series to series, even from play to play. One play he would bust into the backfield and make a tackle for a loss. A few snaps later he would be getting handled easily by a single blocker.

Of less concern is his technique; everything from his footwork to his pad level needs work. This is an issue with many college linemen who are physically superior to most of the players they are lining up against. It’s easy to develop bad fundamentals when you can just brush your opponent aside regardless. The Redskins will use this visit and talks with his coaches at Michigan State and even back to high school to figure out if he can be coached out of these flaws.

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If McDowell can be coached to play consistently and with solid fundamentals he has the physical ability to play at a Pro Bowl level. The Redskins are conducting their due diligence to see if they think that McDowell can play to his potential.

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