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Fletcher sits out practice, will be game time call


Fletcher sits out practice, will be game time call

London Fletcher did not practice again, raising questions about the linebacker’s availability for Thursday’s game in Dallas – and his ironman streak.

 Fletcher has played in 234 consecutive games, which is tied for the most among active players. But the 37-year-old said he won’t know until after pregame warm-ups if he’ll be able to suit up.

“The fact that it’s a short week doesn’t help,” said Fletcher, who did not practice on Monday or Tuesday. “That’s my main concern; I have three less days to heal. Only thing I can do is get as much treatment as possible. Let the training staff do their thing and see how I feel in pregame. That will be pretty much the deal.”

Fletcher said he does not anticipate “testing” his sprained left ankle until Thursday. The ankle, which was injured in Sunday's victory over the Eagles, was wrapped tightly as he spoke to reporters.

“It felt worse [Monday] but a little bit better today,” Fletcher said. “It’s still not where I need to be.”

If Fletcher does not play, the longest current consecutive game streak will belong to Tampa Bay’s Ronde Barber.

Coach Mike Shanahan, though, isn't going to bet against Fletcher.

“There’s a reason he’s played all those games,” Shanahan said. “It’s because he plays when he’s hurt. Hopefully he’ll be able to play, but I can’t tell you for sure.”

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President Trump commends sports commissioners, reportedly says NFL should start on time

President Trump commends sports commissioners, reportedly says NFL should start on time

The White House says President Donald Trump spoke with commissioners of the country's sports leagues on Saturday and told them he recognizes "the good work being done by many teams and players" to care for their communities and fans dealing with the new coronavirus.

After the conference call that included the president, two of his advisers and 13 sports commissioners ended, ESPN reported that Trump "believes the NFL season should start on time in September."

The virus has decimated the sports world with the NBA and NHL suspending their seasons indefinitely and MLB postponing the start of its season.

The NCAA basketball tournament was also canceled, as were college spring sports such as baseball and softball, lacrosse and track and field. No representatives of the NCAA were reported to be in the call.


The White House says the commissioners thanked Trump for his "national leadership and for his interest in the sports industry." He called on them to continue efforts to support their fellow Americans during the current challenge.

A wide range of sports league officials participated in the call, including NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

NBC Sports Washington's Matt Weyrich contributed to this report.

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I rewatched a Redskins-Eagles game where RG3 was literally perfect. Here are my notes

I rewatched a Redskins-Eagles game where RG3 was literally perfect. Here are my notes

A few weeks ago, after NFL Game Pass announced anyone could watch any matchup dating back to 2009, I decided to pick a Redskins game at random to relive.

The one I ended up with — thanks to a proprietary selection process involving Google's number generator — was a 2014 debacle where Washington was shut out by the Rams and trolled by Jeff Fisher. You now immediately understand why I needed 14 days to build up the courage to try this idea again.

Fortunately, the contest I drew this time came from one of the best seasons this franchise has ever seen: 2012. And, thanks to all of the miraculous wins from that year, this particular victory is actually a little overshadowed, even though it was a dominant one.

On Nov. 18 of Robert Griffin III's rookie campaign, the Redskins hosted the Eagles at FedEx Field, then proceeded to tear the Eagles apart at FedEx Field. That afternoon marked the start of the team's crazy seven-game winning streak and also might've marked RG3's peak as a pro passer, as he went 14-of-15 for 200 yards, four touchdowns and a perfect passer rating. 

So, here are my notes from rewatching his and the Burgundy and Gold's performance against Philly. The best part about these notes? Jeff Fisher's name doesn't appear anywhere.


  • On the third play from scrimmage, London Fletcher bats a ball away from Brent Celek, which DeAngelo Hall then intercepts and returns to the 9-yard line. 2012, of course, belonged to Griffin and Alfred Morris, but Fletcher played each weekend like his Gatorade bottles were filled with straight Red Bull.
  • Two snaps after the turnover, RG3 lofts an easy pass out into the flat to Darrel Young, who coasts into the end zone. The cameras then show the crowd, which, in a weird turn of events, isn't 66-percent Eagles fans. 
  • It's bizarre to watch Nick Foles as a rookie in this game and know that in about six years, he's going to outduel Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. 
  • Oddly enough, this Sunday was the beginning of the Brandon Meriweather Era. The safety hurt his knee in a preseason practice, then re-injured himself when he ran into Aldrick Robinson in warmups before Week 4's win in Tampa. He just picked off Foles in his debut. Related: The Brandon Meriweather Era never really gets better than this.
  • Madieu Williams is the other starting safety, by the way. Landon Collins and Sean Davis will look like Ronnie Lott and Troy Polamalu compared to Meriweather and Williams.
  • The first quarter wraps up with the home side up 7-0. The carnage should be coming soon.


  • Alex Henery just made a field goal for Philadelphia. The extra "e" in his last name is quite obnoxious. your official home for Alex Henery hot takes.
  • How good was RG3 (and Kyle Shanahan) this year? The offense just lined up with Robinson, Logan Paulsen, Brandon Banks and Niles Paul as the receiving options, faked a reverse to Banks and hit on a BOMB to Robinson. Fans of other teams probably wouldn't even know those guys ever played a professional sport, yet the threat of Griffin and the scheme from Shanahan created opportunities like this one: 
  • Leonard Hankerson just caught a pass. He used to move around like he woke up right before he was told to go in the huddle.
  • With 30 seconds left in the half, the Eagles try to run the clock out. LeSean McCoy, though — who carries the ball like it's a free pamphlet someone gave him on his way to work — fumbles and the Redskins recover at the 14. Kai Forbath ends up kicking a field goal, and the Burgundy and Gold lead 17-3 at half.



  • Here is a third-and-15 where Griffin dropped back an additional 11 yards, meaning he was 26 yards away from the sticks at one point. He then escaped from the pocket, got himself into the following two on four situation — and still managed to skirt his way down the sidelines for a first. And he would do stuff like this all.the.time.:
  • Here is one of the more preposterous touchdowns I can ever remember seeing. On a third-and-10 from the Redskins' 39-yard line, Griffin drifts back, then drifts to the left and then, as the commentator accurately states, "just throws it as far as he can." His target was a double-covered Santana Moss, who is able to snag it, outwork the Eagles DBs and eventually cross the plane. To this day, scientists are still trying to figure out how this scenario turned out well for the Redskins:
  • The third quarter is over and the Burgundy and Gold are cruising with a 24-6 advantage. 


  • Between Griffin and Banks carrying the ball as often as they did, it's amazing the Redskins didn't have 13 fumbles every time they played.
  • As strange as it is to watch Foles knowing he has a ring in his future, it may be even stranger to see Kirk Cousins on the sideline in a No. 12 uniform (and the loosest sleeves I've ever seen) and know that he's going to cash in over and over and over again very soon. You could fit a family of four and a large dog in the sleeves he used to rock.
  • RG3 just connected for his fourth six-pointer of the day, hitting Paulsen on the four-yard line and allowing the tight end to do the rest. This all feels like it happened eight decades ago instead of eight years ago. Washington's up 31-6, which also doubles as the final score.
  • The last thing I noticed in the final few drives of this one is Hall very obviously trying to jump every route and pick off another pass. It's so blatant and I respect it so much.

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